Wednesday, August 06, 2014


I just need to get this off my chest:

When you break up with me, and tell me you want to still be "friends" because I'm "so awesome" and you don't want to lose that, I immediately think, "If I'm so awesome but you're still breaking up with me, what does that say about you?"

I also think that it is shady that you comment on and like my FB posts more now than you did when we were going out. Odd.

And my real friends hang out with me. In person. And text me. And reply with normal conversations when I text, rather than "LMAO!" and a series of colons and end paretheses and capital P's.

So I instantly know that one of two things is afoot when you break up with me:  a.) you want to keep tabs on me, perhaps to see how hard I take it, how much I miss you, how quickly I date again and what the new girl looks like, or b.) if your new life plan sans me doesn't work out as you had imagined, you can always hit me back up.

As always, this is the safe place for me to vent what might otherwise be hurtful thoughts.

I feel better now.