Monday, May 01, 2006


call me ishmael.

or not, what the fuck do i care? however, we're not talking a white whale this time around, but an avatar dressed in a bright yellow shirt, khaki pants, and orange and blue ball cap. wait a fucking second, this bastard works at the same place as me!!! unfortunately, being unable to properly dress one's self does not preclude an ability to play decent poker, so this particular computer-generated motherfucker has become the bane of everyone's existance. we are going to lash ourselves to this crazy bastard and ride him down into the depths while the ship falls to pieces around us.

and can i say that playing poker and stuff online has become the monopoly of the 21st century. you play on the computer with money that doesn't exist. boardwalk? shit, yeah, i'll buy that, i've got enough orange paper here. raise on a pair of 8's, why not? the computer says i'm flush.

hey, don't they call big spenders at the casinos whales?

yes, i know, the word you're looking for is:


darth sardonic


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