Tuesday, April 18, 2006

someday i suppose

there was a verse/that i was sposed to write/i haven't yet/but there's still a chance i might

the alarm goes off this morning, it's that fucking adam corolla show that the end (of all that is good and holy in music) has replaced the morning music and dj no name with. don't get me wrong, i like adam corolla. i just want music in the am to help me start my fucking day, not some yammering fucking idiocy.

anyways, this morning i am tired, and slow to roll over and hit the snooze, and as a result, i hear something about dicky barrett. the way they said his name, i thought he was dead.

now, you, the beloved and, most likely, ofttimes exasperated reader, have absolutely no idea just how much i love the mighty mighty bosstones, and here's a few reasons why: their music is absolutely stunningly cool, political without being over the top, friendly, funny, clever, danceable. the bosstones have 8 band members. 8. you know what one of the guy's job is in the band? dance. yeah, dance. he doesn't sing backup, he doesn't even play the fucking tambourine in even one song. you know they were like, "how do we get our pal ben in the band? he doesn't play shit." "hey, ben, could you dance for three hours nonstop? in a suit? in the heat?" they hang around after concerts at a table outside the venue that they set up themselves so that fans can get autographs and ask them questions. talk to them. they fucking hang about after the concert so fans can hang out with them. god knows how many bands they've helped to get started who have turned out to be bigger than the bosstones ever were. every interview i have ever seen with them, they strike me not only as great friends themselves, but the kind of people i could hang and have drinks with, and who might read this particular post in this dumb blog and be flattered that i am waxing lyrical over their band.

so turns out, dicky is not dead. thank god. he's actually on the show, talking in that slightly raspy voice with that haahd boston accent and just cracking my ass up. but he more or less said that the bosstones are kind of taking it down a bit. you know, that it's been like a 15-year run and that it is getting haahd to be on the road as much as they need to be to keep it going. dicky is doing great, has several jobs as voice talent for a few different shows (that i might start watching just to see the man in action, and see how much his quick wit translates over).

but it leaves me a little melancholic to think about the end of what, for me at least, can only be described as an era.

so raise your glasses, pals, and lets have a toast, "to the greatest fucking horn section" and "737 almost every day".

thanks guys.

darth sardonic


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