Friday, April 28, 2006

more about demon-lady

so, naturally, demon-lady was the topic of discussion at work yesterday. and not just because she had lost it so bad in front of so many people, but because she was supposed to work last night.

of course, she didn't. she called off. she said it was because her pants still weren't clean yet.

now, here's the thing. when i got this job, i ran out and bought a couple pairs of khaki pants so i would have a few. i've added a few to my collection since. even if i only had one pair, if it was the source of so much aggravation that i had completely lost it at work over a fucking stain (and let me add in here that february was a horrible month, my stepfather died, and so much other stuff was going on, and i thought my life might be falling apart, and there were nights where every moment i was in my car was spent in tears, but i never cried in front of any of my coworkers), i would go straight home and start washing them immediately.

she had that evening (they sent her home at like 8) and the entire next fucking day to either get more pants or wash the ones she had, and she didn't. now, i imagine she had to wash the stink of brimstone off of herself as well, but still. she just called in instead and said her pants still weren't clean.

her fucking pants still weren't fucking clean! jesus h fucking christ! what kinda fucking dipshit excuse is that?!? i would've loved to call up yesterday (it was an absolutely gorgeous day) and say, "yeah, i'm not gonna be in, cause my pants aren't clean." what the fuck!

then the rest of us got skullfucked because she wasn't there, and it got insanely busy, and i ended up being there late, all as a result of the crazy demon-lady.

i'm betting she quits today. gotta bulk up the tattoo fund.

darth sardonic


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