Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'coz after rainy days the sun will shine

i, like many of you no doubt, was watching in dumbfounded horror as the events of the virginia tech massacre unfolded on the news.

every time something like this happens, i worry alot about the world that i have brought my kids into.

i know for a fact that i will not always be able to protect them from every thing that besets them. and i have to say, i fucking hate not being able to better control that. but i also know it is part of life.

i also know that my folks worried about the world they had brought me into. and that their parents worried about the state of the world that they had brought them into.

this isn't easy.

and i believe in hell. oh yes, my beloved non-existant readers and droogs, this fucking shithole of an existant is it. i'd like to know what they could throw our way that is worse than this place. that is not to say that there aren't beautiful and wonderful things here, too. just hard to see in moments like this.

my condolences and whatever else to the loved ones of the victims.

darth sardonic

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