Tuesday, March 06, 2007

life is funny, and odd, and never ceases surprising...

remember how i said the saga of the door latch wasn't ended? boy, was i ever right. the door locked up on me again at the start of the shift last night, and i was forced to either dukes-of-hazard my way in and out or drag my 6'1" frame across the e brake and gearshift all night long.

needless to say, i am done. there are no shortage of interested parties, even though the driver's side door won't open, and it is time to move on. hopefully, we can find something just as cool that won't give me as much trouble.

the days are lengthening, and god damn, am i ready. when i get the kids on the bus early in the morning, it is light, and when i leave for work later in the evening, it is light. today, it was beautifully sunny, and the kids wanted to try out the new skateboard i had purchased earlier, so we spent a good hour outside (it would've been longer, but the boyos also had dental appointments today) discovering that no. 1 thought it was gonna be more like the video game, that he would just hop on the board and begin pulling methods, and dorky slugbutts, and sick 50/50 rail kiss-front plant god-knows-whats. he found out it was a whole lot more than that. not sure he is gonna take up skateboarding like i thought.

no. 2, on the other hand, just cried and cried cause i told him he couldn't go back into the tinieblas (funny, the english word for that just completely escapes me at this moment) to ride the skateboard some more. as it turns out, the kid with the balance problems is also the most likely to be the next tony hawk and continue to give me the lifestyle to which i wish i had grown accustomed.

while working on the-soon-to-not-be my car, i dented the part of my wedding ring that went on the underside of my finger, and in trying to straighten it, i cracked it. oh my god, was i dancing around like a madman. i never was much of a jewelry kinda fella, but when i saw that wedding ring, i knew it was the one. well, it turns out that i have to retire it at least until i can fix it and will it to one of the boys to have as a family heirloom.

but i have already purchased a tungsten ring with a celtic pattern engraved into it, and i'm pretty pleased about that. in the meantime, my entire hand feels incredibly underdressed.

oh, yeah, twilight, that's it.

darth sardonic



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