Saturday, April 21, 2007

periwinkle, tidy bowl, cookie monster

my hair looks pretty cool blue.

it might last another week, maybe, if i am lucky.

my wife accidentally (or, much more likely, completely on purpose and with malice aforethought, heh heh) picked up semi-permanent, so it goes washing out and tinting the tub a really soft almost not noticable turquoise that i will have to bleach out when my hair is back to a closer facsimile of normal.

less than two weeks until the wife leaves, and i think that i have more or less embraced it and feel like my support group is sufficient to keep me from going completely batty.

mostly, i keep reminding myself that people are doing this thing all the fucking time, and for longer stretches, and i should stop feeling sorry for myself and take it in stride like i do most things, and i have decided to actually listen at this point.

back to recording music on the computer, and soon i hope to have a music myspace and hopefully a (albeit burned) cd to distribute amongst my friends and people crazy enough to want one.

when i finally get that myspace, the link will be available here in my pals list, though i am not really my pal. (i kid, i kid, i am my pal, we are best mates--and as i like to say, "i am a gemini, and they say that geminis have dual personalities, but i don't.

and neither do i.")

heh heh.

more soon, o my beloved non-existant readers.

darth sardonic


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