Sunday, March 02, 2008

tidbits from a deranged mind

running on the beach is not as soul-freeing as chariots of fire would lead you to believe. it is good for the knees, but incredibly hard on the quads and calves.

if i left every spelling/grammatical error i made in these posts uncorrected, this blog would be virtually unreadable. and i am not even drinking.

while i joke constantly about being a lush and using the "bukowski method to fame and fortune through writing", i actually don't do very inspired writing when i have had a few drinks. and even when i do, the typographical mistakes are off the charts, and it is often difficult to piece together what i was getting at in the first fucking place.

i love the sun.

there is a picture hanging in our kitchen of the hale-bopp (spelling? i am too lazy to google it) comet flying through the northern lights from my time in alaska. every time i sit down to eat, it is crooked. every time i see it, i straighten it. next time i sit down, it is crooked again. it is trying to drive me insane. my ace in the hole is that i already am, mwah ha ha haaaaa.

my wife has been running at work (they do physical training together). her legs are crazy dark. i told her i bet she could go out at midnight in a bikini and come in a whole nother darker shade of brown.

no. 1 doesn't actually sit to eat. he leans against the chair like he expects, at any moment and of a sudden, his arch nemesis to burst through the door, and needs, as a result, the ability to dash away quickly for his own protection.

back soon with more insanity buried under the guise of the day-to-day.

darth sardonic

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Blogger Krissie said...

One of the best posts ever.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Pixie said...

uummmm, I'm speechless .....

12:32 PM  
Blogger wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I love your insanity. Sounds like you're enjoying Florida.

2:26 PM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

ty krissie

that bad, huh, pixie?

ty wuastc

3:18 AM  
Blogger zirelda said...

I tried running in sand once. It is a bitch. Then again, I don't run on pavement....

7:09 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

z-i have beat fuck out of my knees by running on pavement for uncountable years (high school cross country and track, and whenever i can since) and while the sand is wonderful for my beleagured knees, it was, as you say, a bitch to run on.

8:07 AM  

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