Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lie with me I said and lying's what she always did and always will.

life is funny. strange in the way that it leaves you bereft for weeks, devoid of energy, tired, unmotivated, uninspired.

then, at a turn, at the drop of a hat (odd expression), life is full of things to keep you occupied, in the way you want to be occupied, and you are back on the upper swing of this rollercoaster yet again.

school is going well. work is not. however, the lack of work has been timed almost perfectly to an overabundance of studying and homework in such a way that i still stay gainfully employed in something productive.

the pile of laundry is all but gone. (it never is, o beloved stalwart non-existant readers, completely gone. but it is no longer the dragon to my (rather goofy and klutzy) st. george!)

i still want to get a t-shirt made that says "shitty bass player" so when people in the audience say, "this band is really cool, but what the hell is up with the bassi--oh, well. there ya have it."

one of my neighbors used to play the drums. his friend used to play the guitar. last night, we jammed in my garage. it was, o beloved non-existant readers, lacking desperately in that spark, that magical thing that i have with s the guitarist, and s the drummer. and that is as it should be, in my opinion. cause it is rare as fist-sized diamonds to encounter two lads that one can get along with so well, and simultaneously make one's ridiculous, misguided poundings sound like the stuff of dreams. these other two fellas; an enjoyable diversion. the sort of thing i need to keep me sharp and dialed in, advancing in my miniscule abilities rather than stagnating like mosquito-infested swamps.

i predict a new rash of friends requests on facebook. i could be wrong, but my betting money is on a few more adds. one of my old classmates found me today, and in her group of friends are a number of my graduating class.

and, o beloved non-existant readers, i predict an improvement in the quality and regularity of my posts.

darth sardonic

my wife is telling friends of ours a story from her trip to vegas. she is engaging and funny, and we are laughing and she is doing accents and she is so cute.

i know i haven't mentioned it here in awhile, but gads i love her. love her, in love with her, lust her, am infatuated with her, whorship the ground the she walks on. just wanted to remind us all.

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Blogger Elsie Button said...

hey darth, i wondered if you would mind emailing me when you get a minute at - i couldn't find an email address for you on your blog.
cheers elsie x

2:58 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

will do elsie, promptly

3:37 AM  

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