Saturday, November 28, 2009

facebook friends

i was chatting with a high-school buddy yesterday on facebook. again, how cool is this shit that i can reconnect with people i essentially blew off without a look back some twenty years ago and chat as if i wasn't a massive dickhead back then and just disappeared off the face of the earth.

very cool.

anyways, i added his blog to my "pals" list, and he posted a very eloquent bit about our conversation which i really dug.

i, for one, am not feeling particularly eloquent today, so i am foregoing the beautiful prose here.

what else has been going on in my life since last i posted something of worth on this little fly-speck on the world wide web?

well, let's see. this semester of school draws to a close, and i will be happy when it's done. it's not much fun to have four essays, two of which are term projects, and one of which is a final all due at the same time.

unless something major falls to hell between now and then, i will still be pulling a 4.0 at semester's close.

when this semester is done, i only have one more general education class and the rest are the technical/drawing classes, which i am quite stoked about.

about a month or so ago, as i was waiting for my turn to go in the parking lot of the college, i watched a lumbering low-brow mouth-breather of a kid get into his massive suv beside me, put his vehicle in reverse, and without so much as a backwards glance cave my passenger side door in in slow motion.

this is the second time in my life that some brainpan, someone who has lived their entire existence like an idiot mr magoo; surviving only by sheer dumb luck and the herculean efforts of others, has put their vehicle in reverse and backed into me without bothering to at least check a rearview mirror while i sat helplessly with my mouth agape in disbelief. i think i would be within my right to have clubbed both these morons (the lady who did it in alaska got out her car and actually said, "this is the second time this has happened to me!" (?!!!!?)) like baby seals, and the world might've been a better place for it.

but back to the story at hand: so my passenger side door is now more dent than door. and i am not exaggerating. the outside panel of the door actually met the inside panel of the door. the only thing that kept this kid from pushing my door even further in was at this point my car resisted the attack of his car, and he finally realized he was backing into something (yes, the synapses and reflexes of a well-trained ninja, this one.)

of course it is totalled. now, it still runs beautifully and everything, and with a replacement door on there, it would be fine again. but here's the rub, o my beloved non-existent readers, my droogs and only friends, my old interceptor has a seriously terminal case of cancerous rust, and ugly flaking paint to boot. so replacing the door would be like doing an elective nose job on a patient that has only a few months to live.

so i scrapped it and set about buying a new interceptor to replace the old one. so now i have a newer ('95, last one was a '93) silver (i know, i will paint it black with red trim someday) rust-free interceptor (you may know them as lincoln mark viii's, but i assure you, if mad max was driving the post-apocalyptic wasteland in the 90's here in the states, this is the car he would choose) with black interior that is nicer than the other's, and a moonroof as well. i am quite pleased.

the kids continue to do well and improve in school.

and not much else has really happened i guess. i am officially a published author, but i myself am completely unable to buy the book, as well as the majority of my friends and family as it is still impossible to buy the book from anywhere outside the uk. they insist they will have that remedied soon, so i will keep you posted.

darth sardonic

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