Friday, December 24, 2010

i'm alive, bert!

merry christmas to you and yours. and yeah, i know it's a little early.

no major essay on life today, just little tidbits of the day-to-day by way of catching those of you that still stop by up on what has been going on.

i'm still pulling a 4.0 in school, with only two more classes left before i leave the hallowed hollowed halls of learning to find a "real job" and finally, once and for all, become a productive member of society (but i think we all know, o my beloved non-existent readers; my droogs and only friends, that it would take more than a regular 9 to 5 and a paycheck to make me a so-called "productive member of society"!) frankly, i am not real keen on the whole job idea. i am, however, keen on the paycheck idea.

i do continue to write on Pierce County (and by "write" i mean "cut and paste" other stuff i have already written elsewhere to it) and think i might have it ready to send off to the publishers soon. i also have most of The Island of Misfit Toys mapped out in my head, but i haven't actually written anything on it for quite some time. which means the other ideas that i have will probably never hit the page ever. if you want to write a novel, and think you'd be good at it, but need an idea, shoot me an email, i am a sharing kinda fella.

the kids, over all, are doing well. both take high blood pressure derivatives for their adhd now, and that seems to be going well for the most part, but we still have our days. these generally seem directly related to a heightened lack of sleep. we did try no. 1 back on an amphetamine-based one on thanksgiving, and the come-down from it was as bad as any of the others we have tried, so we immediately nixxed that. it was so bad, no. 1 was acting out, and knew he was overreacting and being uncontrollable, but wasn't able to do anything about it. he apologized the next morning. we told him it wasn't his fault, and that we wouldn't have him take that pill anymore.

s the guitarist leaves middle of next month, and i am actually going to drive cross country with him, hang out for a day or two, and fly back. no doubt i will have a longish post about the shenanigans and debauchery we have along the way.

in the past, we have been very scrooge-y and grinch-y when it comes to the holiday season. we have very decidedly not decorated, or put up a tree, and most of the boys' presents have been sent from grammy, or nana n boppa. our attitude was always that the boys received toys and such from us all the time, and didn't really need a glut of extra toys and games on one day of the year.

well, since nos. 1 and 2 are 9 and 7 respectively, i decided that this would be the year that it would begin to sink into their consciousnesses that christmas is a big let-down, so i put my foot down and we got a tree, some lights, and some inexpensive tree balls, and voila, christmas reigns at the sardonic household. and considering the overage of presents the newly-in-the-spirit wife picked up from the store, not one the kids will soon forget.

that's pretty much it for me, o thou stalwarts and trues. hopefully more to come soon.

darth sardonic



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