Sunday, September 05, 2010

just more of the same...

what can i say? life continues along, often with nothing to report. so i don't.

what's happened in the last few? well, i am 39 now, though honestly i don't feel it. except maybe for my knee. and the encroaching gray, especially in my goatee.

my wife and i celebrated our 11th year of marriage, and our 12th together. we are still madly in love, and enjoy each other's company.

i've sold quite a few of my books, but apparently not enough to add up to the requisite 25 bucks or whatever it needs to be for the company to send me a check. i honestly may never get one, but that is much less important to me than the fact that i have a book rubbing shoulders with naked lunch, on the road, tropic of cancer, and running with scissors that has my name in the author's slot. i am still working on another memoirs, as well as my fiction novel. i keep telling myself i am going to mail out stand-alone chapters from The Unfinished Work and the upcoming Pierce County to literary magazines and such to drum up interest, and eventually i will.

big dumb animal practices on a regular basis and our main setlist is getting tight. we probably have 20 to 30 songs in the works easy, but are choosing to focus on about 10 until we can play them without thinking. we have an fb page where we post pics and videos, so if you're interested in checking us out, just search facebook for big dumb animal. or friend me on fb and check it out from there. i am actually amused and surprised at the fb friends i already have who i know as non-existent readers.

we have another cat now. a black and white stray we named binx after the cat in "hocus pocus." some family formerly loved him, as he came to us healthy, neutered, and declawed, and he is more friendly than either pele or pepper, and overall, more well-behaved. you do, however, have to watch your dinner with him. we have been spoiled by pepper and pele in that neither one of them has ever been interested in human food. binx, on the other hand...

add him in with the two other cats and our two beta fish (7 and ponyo) and we are close to being ready for forty days and forty nights of rain.

i am doing well in school, and am down to my last four classes. it's pretty exciting, but at the same time, the job market is a little daunting. hopefully there is a big boom in the need for drafters in the area before may.

and that is pretty much it, o my beloved non-existent readers. overall, not much to tell. hence the major gaps in posting.

i cleaned up my pals list as well, as more people have gone leaving their respective blogs (or perhaps me as a reader) behind.

darth sardonic



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