Monday, February 28, 2011


if you are (which seems very likely) stumbling across this post by sheer happenstance, please take a moment to read the previous post, as this one will otherwise make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

well, if i am not one to trifle with when it comes to threatening my family, my wife is that times a gazillion.

after i recounted everything (she was out of town for work), and spurred on by this woman's negative reaction and a serious lack of any kind of apology or explanation as to what was to be done to prevent this scrawny little dungheap from building pipe bombs in the garage and torturing small animals, she decided to text a friend who worked for the local police. that friend recommended to get it on paper (as in file a report) in case anything else was to happen.

as she was doing this, i was chatting with the friend living on their cul-de-sac, who informed me that the dad's way of "handling it" was to leave the kids with a sitter that very night and take his screaming banshee of a wife out on a date; meanwhile, the sitter lets the kids tear around the neighborhood till well past dark, and eventually locks them out of the house. then on saturday, he banishes [charles manson] to his bedroom for a half-day by way of punishment. sunday, the entire family goes out kayaking. cause nothing says, "i aint fucking around!" like good clean family fun on the water.

sunday night, after we filed the police report, and while we are having dinner with the friends from that cul-de-sac, and shamelessly badmouthing this family and their ill-fated offspring, the doorbell rings.

it is another mom from that circle, who wanted to let me know that she too had had problems with this kid. he had been saying sex-related things to her sons, and she (like me, and i fear this might be a bit of a disturbing trend amongst parents world-wide) had told her boys to just ignore him. until the day they came home and said he had suggested to them that they "fuck their mom."

at which point she dealt with the mother in no uncertain terms.

the interesting detail in this bit of information is that she did not swear or lose her cool with this other mother, or try to blame her kids, or in any other way display the kind of behavior she displayed to me friday night.

odd, right? because if one parent had already complained about my kid's gobshite, and i had sort of accepted that story, i surely wouldn't tell the next parent to complain that my kid hadn't done anything and it was their "fucked-up" kid's fault.

i told the busdriver this morning that i didn't want either one of my boys sitting within two rows of this brat. i said that if he had something to say to my sons, i wanted him to have to shout it so that everyone on the bus could hear it. i also suggested that perhaps the sweet girl who corroborated my son's story should be included in this seating shift, as the future serial killer might try and harass her as well.

she simply nodded in a knowing way, and called out his name as i was getting off the bus.

my wife and i have an appointment on friday to talk with the principal as well.

essentially, she and i agree: you don't threaten my family, stand there and lie about it, and then act like it is my kid's fault and just walk away with a slap on the wrist.

or as my wife said over and over the whole weekend: "that bitch fucked with the wrong family."

oh, yeah, she did. and her pestilent progeny as well.

darth sardonic

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Blogger Blogget Jones said...

Way to go! Do not mess with Papa and Mama Lion, I swear. I'm so glad to see someone not "ignoring it." Please keep us updated?

:o) BJ

12:40 PM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

ty blogget yes, i will keep everyone posted, though i suspect that this has actually run its course, at least between us and this family.

3:32 AM  

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