Thursday, August 14, 2014

If I Could Hand Out Medals...

You know how a fireman or a police officer save someone's life, and the saved person writes to that fireman or police officer every month or year to be thankful?

This is my letter:

Cam and Ridley, you save my life every fucking day. In my mind, you've surpassed five-star generals, because you two are the reason I keep getting up.

Jared, I know tonight we hit that point tonight where we both won't admit we were feeling what we were feeling, but yes, you have saved my life. You are the epitome of the word "friend," and you make it virtually impossible for anyone else to even use that word with me without bringing up expectations they can't possibly meet.

Tammy, Shane, Justin, Scott, only Distance and Time prevent you from occupying the same status, and you all bridge gaps to reduce that distance and time to nothing.

I thank you all for saving my life. Plain and simple. Were I in a position to hand out Congressional Medals of Honor, you all deserve them.

I hope that I somehow measure up to the example you all set for me.


Darth Sardonic


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