Saturday, May 07, 2016

Heaven is a Web that Never Ends

Sometimes, I miss my kids and my Dad simultaneously. Occasionally, I wonder about the lives I have positively affected, and hope they outweigh the lives I have negatively affected. I seriously hope, with an ache that is, in moments, too hard to bear, that there is a fraction of Eternity in which I can let my hate and anger go and then right my wrongs. I don't fully comprehend Eternity, but am prepared to take the sizable chunk of it that I feel would be required to make all the apologies I feel I owe.

O, thou beloved non-existent reader, my dear droogs and only friends; just between you and me, sometimes I wonder if Eternity is really enough time to right all my wrongs.

I still come here, do you?

Darth Sardonic

P.S. In a millisecond that harkens to the old days of this blog, I feel compelled to say: Fuck technology. More specifically, autocorrect and the touchscreen phone. Stick with me, thou stalwart and strong. I am still here.


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