Saturday, August 06, 2005

i'm a shitty friend, apparently

i guess i'm a shitty friend. what i mean is, i regularly get anywhere from 5 to 10 forwards in my email from my mom. most often, i just delete them. occasionally, i read them, if i have spare time, or one of the subject lines seems particularly intriguing.

but here's the rub: everytime i do read them, at least one of them is one of those sappy "friendship" ones that tries to guilt you into forwarding it to others ("if i don't receive this back from you, i will get the hint"), or con you into believing something great will happen if you forward it to ten more people ("if you forward this to ten or your friends, something you've been hoping will happen will occur between 1 and 4 pm tomorrow"). i delete them without a second thought.

cause i like to think that my friends would start counting me as an enemy if i was to forward each and every little bit of tripe that i receive that is in this vein. i think all of you might agree with me.

tomorrow: why we shouldn't go to ocean shores.

darth sardonic


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