Monday, July 11, 2005

shennannigans for the fourth

so, yakking on the phone recently to rudehead, it all suddenly came about that i was flying down for the fourth of july.

austin is a pretty cool town, and i had a ton of fun while there. friday night rudehead, his buddies t and g, and myself went out to sixth street. i got the best burger i have ever had in my entire 34 years at a place called casino's, and got to wash it down with a gin and tonic, while the brood played on a nearby tv and scared the sweet cherry fuck out of us. we wandered around from bar to bar, checking out the girls, and drinking. i do remember stopping in at jackalopes and the ritz (i think it was called) and the rest of the night is fairly blurry. gee, i wonder why.

the next day, rudehead and his wife and daughters and i went to a local park (zilkers, i think) and swam in a natural spring that was just shy of hypothermic, then grabbed lunch before going home and catching a nap and heading back out for drinks and war of the worlds at the alamo theater, which is a movie theater that serves beer and wine, as well as pizza and burgers. the movie was alright, i guess, but being able to eat pepperoni and drink sangria while watching it was badass. i don't know if we have anything like this in seattle (if we do, please post and let me know!!), but i know portland has a chain of them called mcminnimums, which is also a microbrewery, so you get house ales as well.

sunday, we hooked back up with t and went out to a local strip club, and because it was sunday afternoon, and the day before the fourth, there was a very laid back attitude, and we had an incredibly fun time, and i tipped way too many girls way too much, but it was all well worth it. then rudehead went home to help his wife with his girls, and i hung with t a bit at his place.

overall, the weekend was insanely fun. but i noticed a few things that i would be remiss if i didn't touch upon. (and rudehead, if you read this, don't worry man, everything's cool, just need to get this stuff off my chest).

the reason that i could leave orting and not talk to anybody hardly for 15 years, and then hook back up with my buddy s and pick right back up where we left off is because our lives have moved in sort of paralell lines. we've grown, but basically in the same direction that our friendship was going in 15 years ago.

there has occured a subtle change in my friendship with rudehead since he's been back in texas. i never noticed it before, because we were only talking on the phone, instead of being there in person. but i picked up on it the weekend of the fourth. and this subtle change has been bothering me, hence all the "prologue" to kind of set up what sort of friendship rudehead had with my wife and i in alaska.

but things are just not the same as they were. and i don't know if it's cause he's back at home, and in his element, which he wasn't in fairbanks, or if it's cause nearly everything we did seemed to revolve around alcohol, (i may talk in here alot like i'm a big drinker, but i'm pretty much a social drinker. i rarely just have a drink at home with my wife if no one else is over and drinking also.), or what, but it's a little different.

and i guess i'm a little sad about that. i told my buddy s it's like when your favorite shirt gets a hole. maybe you fix the hole or maybe it's not even noticeable, but you know it's there, and that shirt is never going to be the same for you ever again. you may wear it, you may call it your favorite shirt, but it's just not the same.

and that makes me sad.

but despite all that, it was an excellent weekend.

coming soon, a (muddy) day out with thomas!

darth sardonic


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