Monday, August 01, 2005

hippie olympia

before i get started, let me add one more thing about our trip to missouri (i know, i know, i promised, but i remembered this one thing that struck me as funny and i had really wanted to include in my blog). there are no billboards off of the major thoroughfares in washington, oregon, and the more liberal places for adult bookstores and strip clubs. but once i got into the midwest and bible belt areas, there were numerous. utah had several for a "lingerie" superstore. kansas had a number for an adult bookstore, that, when we passed it, made the ones off of south tacoma way look high class. missouri advertised for a couple of video stores, and like three strip clubs, and one of the video stores had a big billboard proclaiming "jesus is watching you" right near the entrance. and of course, once you enter illinois, you see the big signs for larry flynt's hustler club, which we actually passed, but did not visit, as we went to visit our friends at scott. funny, eh? these are the same states that are most outspoken about the morality of nudity and pornographic sex. hmm, odd.

so saturday we went to olympia for the farmer's market there. if the dynamic between seattle and tacoma is odd, you should check out the seattle/olympia dynamic. olympia actively eschews anything that seattle embraces. and yet, if you stripped the glam and the glitz and the trappings away, the average seattleite, and the average olympian are exactly the same. neither would like to hear that, but what the fuck do i care? i'm from tacoma, and everybody hates tacoma, even people from tacoma make fun of tacoma.

so the olympia farmer's market was full of hippies. but not real hippies. not birkenstock-wearing, tie-dyed hemp, dreadlocked, hirsute, pot-smoking, living 20 to a camper van on public property and following the dead for 9 months of the year hippies, but what i call jetsetting hippies. cause the seattleites are jetsetting corporate night-clubbing mountain-climbing martini-drinking backyard barbequing types. and olympians are embracing nature getting in touch with our inner cloud vegan buying overpriced all-natural organic skin care products types.

that being said, it was great for me, because i've never seen so many naturally-beautiful-without-makeup, lightly tanned, braless-in-a-light-clingy-summer-dress women in one place before in my life. but it did make pushing the stroller in a straight line rather hard, as i was staring while trying to look like i wasn't even interested (the sunglasses helped some, as i would point my head somewhere in the vicinity of their right shoulder, and then rotate my eyes dead center, and stare away my droogs and only friends), but again, the stroller kind of went all wonky while i was doing this, as i wasn't really looking where it was going.

what can i say, i'm a perv.

darth sardonic


Blogger M.A.T. said...

D-Sonic!! HAY Buddiez! How are you? Yes-I remember the MacDaddy's house. Glad to be back in the NW. I'll get a chance to chat soon this week. But for now, maybe your Olympia hippies can try this road sign:


Too bad technology hasn't come that far. Then again, imagine the tax breaks?!! The hippies would have the govt. up in arms. :)

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