Friday, July 15, 2005

a day out with thomas

okay, so we're all crazy thomas the tank engine fans at my house (and what i mean by that is no. 1 is a big fan, and the rest of us tolerate it), so when we found out that the blue engine was coming to snoqualmie falls, of course my mom bought us all tickets and we went to have a day out with thomas.

so we got to snoqualmie, which is a cool little town that i would very much like to retire in if i ever win the lottery, and entered the venue, which was a bit of a mudbath. by the time we got on the train, both my boys were fairly covered in it, especially no. 2 who tossed himself down for a few tantrums. while we waited for our turn on the train, we let the boys play with some displays, especially a few that had thomas toys set up for the kids to play with. considering the prices on the same toys in the make-shift thomas store, i was tempted to fill my pockets with as many of the "free" toys as i could lay hands on, but now that just wouldn't be right now, would it? though i'm sure that children with parents who weren't paying close attention probably walked off with numerous toys from the display.

and speaking of parents who had hoped a day out with thomas translated into free babysitting, they were everywhere. fucking kids running around like packs of wild dingoes, unattended, wreaking havoc. i was on no. 1 like white on rice the whole time, and he kept getting into tussles with a small blonde punk who kept trying to take whatever toys my child was currently calmly playing with. i finally had to tell no. 1 that we were going to go play somewhere else, as child-of-the-corn's parental unit seemed to be oddly absent.

the ride on the train was bliss. my kids were calm, looking interestedly out of the windows at the decrepit trains, the trees, and especially the falls. of course, when the ride was over, and it was time to go home, the tantrums were great, loud, long, and piercing.

no. 1 still wakes up and asks if we are going to see thomas today, despite the fact that i keep telling him that thomas went back to the island of sodor. (one day, a mere two days after we went to snoqualmie, in a fit of rage and sick of hearing the word "thomas" repeated over and over, i yelled that thomas was dead! of course, for no. 1, it had the same effect as if i had said, "thomas is in the next room", but i'm still sure that they are witholding my dad-of-the-year award.)

and a little aside to the lady sitting near me in the picnic area: the reason women wear thongs is to avoid visible panty line. so if you put on a dark thong, followed by light, thin, tight pants, then that kind of defeats the purpose, now, doesn't it?

darth sardonic


Blogger lady_sartre said...

I can't stand when parents let their children run wild. Kids will be kids, and that's why they need to be watched. Seriously, I love parents like you, and sadly they seem to be an endangered species.

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