Sunday, June 04, 2006

one-liners and no-brainers

reality tv is to reality as margerine is to butter, as sunny delight is to orange juice.

took no. 2 to get a professional haircut today. he cried like they were cutting his fingers off instead of excess tresses. and when they were all done, we were no longer able to mohawk his hair. we can spike the front, which is cute as hell, but will have to let it grow out more before we're back to the hawk.

funny how when no. 1 says he wants to draw, what he really means in he wants me to draw. spaceships, spiderman, buzz lightyear, trains. expanding his imagination one line at a time.

had to buy more twine for my weedeater. now, this is a two-parter: 1) why do they call it twine? i grew up in the country, twine is thick, rough, scratchy, and good for little more than bundling and binding. wire, string, cord. but twine, seriously? and 2) at the factory i am sure they have a machine that winds the twine onto the spool. and i am sure that machine doesn't have kids that want to "help".

in the movies, in high school, the girl that is always sticking up for the nerdy guy and coming to his rescue is also always hot. all i can say is; ?!?

currently, nos. 1 and 2 are arguing, loudly. i've no idea what they are arguing about. i will try to phonetically recreate it here, and maybe you can piece it together for yourself:

1: no, hammaga dig spyman cawasoo, not nossing.
2: REEEEaaawga spyman!
1: dugga veeyo games summatta boo spyman, okay?
2: NOOO aar
1: no poopy a poddy veeyo games wakkana so not nossing.

shortly thereafter i became deaf due to the piercing volume of no. 2's replies, and lost the thread of the conversation.

stay-tuned next week, when darth says, "anyways"--

darth sardonic


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