Monday, May 29, 2006

moving, illness, and sleep-deprivation

so to play a little catch-up on this front:

we got the last of the stuff moved over from our old house today. now all that is left as far as the old house is concerned is the cleaners, i have to do yardwork, and the walk-through.

there is still a colossal amount of stuff to be unpacked and put away here at the new house. a huge amount. we'll get at it slowly but surely.

the yard at the new house is nearing tropical rainforest proportions. our landlord had a baby (well, not him actually, his wife i am guessing, or i would imagine there would've been more publicity in the local papers at least) around the same time we came to look at the house, so he just hasn't had a chance to take care of it. which means i will need to book a week to get it done. day one, machete. day two, weed eat. day three, weed eat again. day four, rake. day five, mow. day six, mow again. day seven, swedish massage from a blonde massuese named nikki, and soaking up sun with umbrella drink in hand. heh heh.

no. 2 has been ill. like puking, pooping miserable all the time and wanting only to be held sick, for three days. coming soon, wife and roomie in same state, whee!

all this has translated into little or no sleep for your humble narrator, who has still been trying to get stuff put away and things done, and still been on the schedule at work on a regular basis. all work and no play makes darth one obnoxious and hard-to-be-around motherfucker. but as i get more and more sleep as no. 2 shakes off his flu, i become a little more tolerable.

i might be tempted to say buzz here except it gives me cookie monster eyes. and if you're scratching your head, well, you're not alone at least.

darth sardonic


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