Saturday, June 10, 2006

a post to lock in my nerd status...

today on the msn news whatever dealyhopper that they have when you log in, they've got some "article" about the 100 most auto-centric movies.

and as a tangent aside here, can i just say: who the cherry fuckstain comes up with these articles?!? like there are maybe 10 in a billion people who actually give a shit! if they hadn't used the particular picture that they did to accompany it, i would've never even noticed. for fuck's sake.

ok, train of thought is back on track. the photo accompanying this particular journalistic masterpiece is a scene shot from the opening car chase of mad max.

and boy oh boy, my beloved nonexistant readers, i love that particular trilogy. from the very first time i saw the road warrior.

then i think, shit, i am such a nerd. god, look at me.

so, by way of showing you what a huge nerd i still am, here are several of my favorite movies, in no preferential order:

the star wars trilogy. i have boxes of action figures and space ships, new and old, and whenever i find myself in a comic store, i usually end up buying more. many of the older ones i have my mom saved from when i was a kid. didn't i say she was fucking cool?

the mad max trilogy. cars, chases, post-apocalyptic survival. can't fucking beat that. and yes, i have a mad max action figure in my collection as well. no, i do not have tape on my glasses. yes, at one point i actually did.

a clockwork orange. not sure if this makes me a nerd, but it tends to make me a bit of an intellectual, heightened by the fact that i read the book long before i saw the movie. and we all know, intellectual=nerd.

star trek. yes, it is not usually allowed to be a fan of both star wars and star trek. and while i am a much bigger fan of han solo than mr. spock, i still dig them both.

bladerunner. i honestly think that maybe only fifty of us even saw this movie. i prefer the original, with the hard-boiled detective style voice-over and the extra scenes. no, i do not have a rick deckard action figure, and it is simply because i haven't found one yet. have thought seriously about making my own out of a han solo figure or something. if you know where i could find one, let me know.

as another aside, i have an actual indiana jones action figure from when i was a kid as well.

so there you have it, nerdiness galore. and yes, i did play dungeons and dragons once or twice as a preteen, but actually hated it, and anytime i see a warcraft game going on at a comic book store, i kinda shake my head a little and think thank god for music.

so i guess there is a little hope for me after all.

ps. yes, i will pass the nerdiness on to my kids, muahhahahahahaaaa.

darth sardonic


Blogger Validate said...

OK so Mad Max and the Raod Warrior I can understand, but Beyond Thunderdome? Really?

Darth I continue to enjoy your posts, great stuff.


7:46 AM  

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