Monday, June 12, 2006

you've got guts to spill

yesterday was a beautiful day, and i had a spare modicum of energy, and was eyeing the backyard/rainforest with a desire to at least begin on what's sure to be a long project.

so i donned my grubby gear, and the weedeater, and ventured out, sans shirt. (this seems like either a stupid, or narcissistic detail, but will end up playing at least minor role in the rest of the blog.)

i am a bit of a task-oriented motherfucker, and when i set my mind on getting something done, i really push to finish it. i had decided i wanted to knock down the three-foot grass with the weedeater and then rake. i may, dear sweet beloved nonexistant reader, have set my sites just a bit high.

because two hours later, when i was actually nearing the end of the weed wacking, and the spinning mechanism of the weedeater began to judder like a circular saw blade that has been bent out of true, and finally flew off, and i realized that my back was a lovely hue of hot pink, it ocurred to me that the likelihood of me accomplishing much more that day where nil.

however, the vast majority of the lawn is knocked down to a more manageable level, and my mom loaned me her weedeater to finish (but highly unlikely that it will be this week, o my little droogies, hahahaha), so soon to come, the rest of the leveling of a verdant forest story.

so a cool shower to soothe the sunburn, and cut down on the sneezing and burning eyes, and i was back in the game. or so i thought.

i am often amazed how a day can be like a mongoose in that in can turn on it's own tail. mine went from pretty fucking good to confused and off-center like that.

and then the aching muscles and sunburn got the better of me, and i am not ashamed to say i was dozing off at 9:00.

a full night's sleep later, and i am still feeling tired, and dehydrated, depsite my best efforts, but hopeful at least for today. my back is still tingly and sensitive, which makes this the worst burn i have gotten since i went from winter-white in the states directly to rock-lobster red in argentina in the space of 24 hours. damn, that was a bad burn. the skin of the bridge of my nose peeled off in one big thick sheet like a husk.

and i am tired. i went to bed early, and woke up late, and yet i am still wiped. a combination of too much time in the sun, exertion, and lingering sunburn, i think.

and as an aside, can i just say, albertsons is evil. and here's why: i stop in to pick up sugar, cause i'm going to need copious amounts of coffee today, and i just cannot, and i mean cannot drink it black, i have tried. and you have to walk past all the bakery stuff to get to the sugar. or anything else, for that matter. bastards. so i walk right past all the muffins and donuts, and screeeeeech, stop dead in my tracks. now, it's funny, cause part of me already knows that i am walking out of there with chocolate chip muffins, but i still argue with myself like i actually have some sort of choice in the matter. why do i do that? what the fuck is that? like the logical part of me is going to convince the rest of me that i am not going to walk out of fucking albertsons with a bag of sugar and muffins. i will buy a smaller bag of sugar, just to make sure i have enough cash to buy the muffins. so why even argue the point?

but, as a result, i think today's chances are at least better than average. funny how a cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin can perk your mood right up, eh?

and the word your looking for today, droogies, is alkaline trio.

darth sardonic


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