Wednesday, January 06, 2010

passenger (fiction inspired by the deftones' song)

warning: the following story is erotic fiction. it describes and/or hints at sex acts. moreso, it is easily the kinkiest thing i have written. sometimes i don't write the story, the story writes me. read at your own risk. you've been warned.

he stood beside her car in the enormous parking garage underneath her apartment building. she was slightly bent, taking her time inserting the key into the door, a wicked smirk playing across her blood-red lips.

everything about her was dark. her hair, the black sunglasses she wore in defiance of the half light in the concrete structure. she was encased in a black blouse and tight skirt; the hem riding high on her luxuriously long legs, her calves pushed up into tight knots by the heels of the shiny black stilletos.

the car was like the last cock he had sucked, sleek and black. built for speed. the flourescents cut angular lines of blinding white across the highly-polished enamel. he noted with a quick gunpowder flash of agony that the windows weren't as tinted as he had hoped. at each stoplight, passersby might be able to see inside.

much like they might be able to see him right now, should they choose this moment to leave the garage. he was clad only in her favorite ball-gag and a pair of cuffs. the cool underground air brushed his skin like dead lovers, and he agonized again over how long she was taking to unlock the car.

she knew this, and for this reason had chosen the key instead of simply pressing the button on her fob. now, one fanglike tooth sneaking out to bite her swollen bottom lip, she pushed the key into the hole and pulled it back out over and over again, watching him as he tried to shrink into himself. the more he tried to be invisible, the more his organ asserted its presence.

finally, he was in the passenger seat, the leather cool and smooth on his naked thighs. she produced another set of shiny silver cuffs and attached his wrists to the pull handle of the door, then leaned across him to buckle him in, her breasts dangling close to his face and filling his nose with sandalwood. the buckle clicked and sent an icy shiver through him as he had a momentary flash of the humiliation he would face should they be involved in an accident. his erection pushed upwards, bobbing at the thought of all those people catching him in this state.

she noticed, and laughed; a dead, brittle sound that bounced back at them from the pillars in distorted echoes.

a cold sweat broke out on his brow and shoulders as she slowed down to a crawl as she passed the guard hut. he looked straight ahead into the night, but was sure he heard one of the guards chuckle as she waved pleasantly.

his balls were aching.

the twilight and traffic afforded a certain anonymity, but without removing the obviousness of his situation. she powered her window down to smoke, and cracked his sufficiently that his face and the vinyl of the gag straps would be visible to anyone who pulled alongside and turned their head.

the thought pained him in his stomach and genitals. he feared to make eye contact, but yearned to view the other vehicles' occupants: businessmen negotiating mergers on their cell-phones, truck drivers, families eating fast food from paper bags. all the normal people passing by with their normal lives, almost too busy to notice the toy riding shotgun in the black mercedes.

she reached up languidly to adjust the rearview mirror, and he gasped past his own drool upon seeing that she had turned it sideways to watch his face as they drove downtown, where the friday night traffic and stoplights every two blocks would assure they would never drive faster than thirty miles an hour.

his pupils were dilating. his breath was burning in his chest. the head of his cock was smearing a mercurial stain across the smooth skin of his belly. his testicles were pulling tight to his torso.

he feared he might come simply from the thought of his own situation, and tried to drag his mind away from himself for a moment. she had promised him she would put her own panties on him and tie him to the hood and proceed to drive slowly through the seedier parts of town should he ever get any semen on her interior.

the thrum of the motor teased its way throughout his body. the gleam of empty lenses over the devil's smile greeted him in the rearview. the dull ache in his hands and gonads caused tiny prickles of sweat to bead all over his body.

he groaned, bubbles forming at the corner of his mouth.

"shut up!" she hissed in a twisting cloud of cigarette smoke, "or i will pull over and offer rides to people on the corner like a taxi."

he took a deep breath, trying to calm the barrage of thoughts and anguishes and needs that riddled his mind and body like a sickness.

a stoplight painted him as red as her nails, and he glanced to see what show might play in the car adjacent, only to find that the vehicle was full of frat boys who were slapping each other on the shoulders and pointing at him, laughing at the show they had discovered next to themselves.

he felt faint. his cheeks puffed in and out. sweat stung his eyes. he broke contact with occupants of the car and looked down at his lap. tears pooled with his spit on his lips, and formed droplets that joined the shining river that ran down his chest to join his precum. his glans was swollen beyond anything he had imagined. the skin of his shaft was tight and glistened in the sparkling streetlights. his sphincter and the skin of his scrotum contracted until his lower back ached.

"if you get any come on my leather, i'll fucking stop the car and shove my fist up your ass over the trunklid for all to see. you understand me?"

he nodded, his vision swimming. she smiled her venomous smile into the mirror, and reached over to brush a fingertip across one of his erect nipples.

like a dying butterfly, he felt pinned somewhere between the dazzling lights of the clubs and the soft leather of the seat. he hung there, babbling to god, like his entire body had become one vibrating sex organ, coated in the lubricants of his own spit and sweat, hard and ready to spill forth his seed. his eyes rolled back to white and he gibbered, no longer needing the thought of the other travelers or how they might point and laugh. no longer aware of the steady forward progress of the black cock piloted by the sexy demon that laughed at his torture, a smaller part of a larger whole all fucking the cunt of the city; pushing to be the tiny car that penetrates the egg; a conglomerate of men and women laughing, talking, pointing, crying, fucking, shoving, angling, fighting, screaming, dying.

"hey, you pussy, wake up and get out of my car before you bust your load all over!"

he felt coated in gelatin, too thick to comply. only vaguely aware of outward stimuli.

she slowly placed her lips around one of his tiny areola, the vampire teeth engulfing his hard nipple, and bit down.

the hard rubber ball stifled his scream and he fell out of the open door onto his knees, immediately spewing gouts of brilliant white sperm across the dirty black of the tarmac.

panting, he leaned forward, feeling like he might be sick. her hand was cool on his back. "you feeling better now?"

he nodded. she opened the trunk. slowly, he became aware of his surroundings. she had pulled down a narrow alley, with only one outside light. again, he was exposed without really being exposed.

the cuffs clicked open.

"here, towel off. god, you sweat a lot. here's your clothes. drinks and dancing at the mercury?"

he pulled the ball out of his lips. "yes, that would be amazing."

"fucking drinks and dancing though. you get us into another goddamn orgy and i'll fucking pack up and leave your ass there to get fucked by anyone that so chooses, got it?"

he smiled for the first time of the evening.

"got it."

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