Friday, June 24, 2005

why do they always send the poor?

another late night lost in lakewood, and i find myself the only person alive in my house (my wife is completely passed out on the couch in an attempt to stay up waiting for me to get home, and i probably won't be able to shift her, as she is buried deep within the rem cycle.) and i present you with a very valid question posed by system of a down: why don't the presidents fight the wars, why do we always send the poor?

also, today, i heard an add for an upcoming white stripes concert in our local area, and one of the lines used in the promo was "the white stripes go back to the basics with this new album." my question: when did the white stripes ever leave the basics. it'd be like asking norah jones to play unplugged. many (including himself) like to think of jack white as having saved rock and roll. i like to think of it as shit. i know, i know, it's not cool to not like the white stripes, but then i never pretended to be cool.

i have seen revenge of the special effects finally, and while i did enjoy it, i have a few questions: why is it that george lucas feels it necessary to cram as many of the characters from the original star wars movies as he can in the new ones? chewbacca helps yoda escape, and then apparently sods off for a few years, nearly gets killed, and is saved by han solo, and begins palling around with him, and just happens to end up in the seedy little mos eisley cantina that luke and ben (of all the seedy cantinas in mos eisley, i had to end up in yours) end up in looking for a pilot. and you would think, then, that as a result of having been so closely associated with jedi in some serious battles, when han starts talking about "hokey religions", chewie would pipe up with "eaaaawwwgh, reaaaahhh, rarrr" which means, "it's not wise to upset a jedi". but no.

and while lucas leaves this particular question completely unanswered, (ignored is actually a more appropriate word), he feels it's completely necessary to explain to us why yoda and ben disappear when dead, and then reappear as blue spirits. but then i wonder why qui gon jinn, who apparently mastered this ability posthumously, never reappears, and when did anakin skywalker, ne darth vader, get a chance to study with qui gon so that he might also appear as a blue spirit to help guide young luke into letting go of his lust for his sister so han can actually have her without the creepy brother always lurking about and saying stuff like, "wouldn't this be a good time for a kiss for luck, sis?"

well, on a much more serious note, o beloved and nonexistant readers, as i type this, there is a news special or whatever on the tv about the situation in africa. and this seems to be an issue on which everyone can agree. republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives, everyone. we all agree something needs to be done to help out those people. except the fucking president!! he's so hellbent on removing a "bad man" from power in the middle east (and we've actually done that so let's get the sweet cherry fuck out of iraq!), that he has let a shitload of bad men crop up all over the rest of the world. recently, i saw a news blurb saying that the cia or whoever felt they were very close to catching osama bin laden. no fucking shit!! bout goddam motherfucking sodding time, ya doss cunts!! jesus h. fucking christ on a unicycle backwards on sunday! this guy attacked us on our own soil! the last time someone did that, we dropped nukes on their ass until they surrendered (and subsequently set them back up industrially, and proceeded to buy their far more superior electronics for much more than they are probably worth, but that is neither here nor there.) but we might (finally)(possibly--just maybe you understand, nothing set in stone, really, just that someone thought they might have caught a glimpse of him shitting behind a rock) be catching osama bin laden soon. i'll start holding my breath, shall i? meanwhile, people are starving and killing each other off simultaneously in africa, but that is just not as important as training the new iraqi police force. just fucking add another star to the flag and set up disneyland sahara and be done with it, for fuck's sake!

and on that note, kiddies, i think i better off to bed, eh?

darth sardonic


Blogger Mme. A. said...

"just fucking add another star to the flag and set up disneyland sahara and be done with it, for fuck's sake!"

This is the best line ever! *ROLF*

War is the kind of thing I always discuss with friends and I just cannot stop saying that even though in the past things used to get pretty bloody, at least the kings and what-not, used to fight with their legions and armies, it was their duties. And the winner was the one that knew how to master the battle and fight better, not the one with better machinery. But we are in the 21st century and mysteriously people have turned into cowards and unfortunately that's a non-reversible process.

I used to get very pissed-off about how Bush feels he has to wash his honor with Osama's blood and his need to remain in Iraq and how god makes him do things. I really cannot understand how men like him can rule countries, but then again we have a president down here that is not that far off from what you have in the US, except for the fact that he has no education and one less finger. It's funny to see how a guy who used to be all for worker's rights, comunism and what-not can turn into a son of a bitch of a capitalist overnight. No, I'm not for socialism, I'm pro-happiness. If you're happy and I'm happy, then it's ok. But it's just funny to see that now that workers got the man they wanted for president, that he turned against them and is doing nothing of what he promised. But, hey, that is what every damn politician does. No surprises there.

I don't like the White Stripes, either. They were here in Brazil a few days ago and did everything that gets me angry. Every single bozo that is famous and comes to this country, automatically thinks he has to go native, become an indian or something. That stupid motherfucker got married in a canoe in a river, with a bunch of indians singing and all the things I hate, not because they are native, but because he doesn't understand what he is doing and is only making more people come and destroy whatever it is that is already being destroy. I went to the United States and didn't take up McDonald's as my only acceptable meal and didn't take Disneyworld as my dream house. I didn't go to the reserves to take pictures with the indians nor did I go hunting non-existent buffaloes. Hmmm... That is what you get when you're labeled as an "exotic country". Fuck labels, fuck exotic. But... whatever. :-)

4:43 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

not only did the kings fight the wars with their country, but most of the key players in the battles were lords and landholders. the rich used to fight the wars, till they got smart and starting sending us plebeians to do the dying for them.

so glad to see you back on line,

darth sardonic

1:01 AM  

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