Monday, August 08, 2005

ocean shores

yeah, not really so much shores as a sand-covered road that has been overpolluted.

so, we wanted to go to the coast, someone at my wife's work said that ocean shores wasn't really that far away, so we went last weekend and took some friends from portland.

now, prior to showing up in ocean shores, my beach experience in the pacific northwest has been limited to salt water state park, which is pretty nice as i recall, and lincoln city, newport, and bandon-by-the-sea, all in oregon, all calm, not overpopulated beaches where one can spread out and there isn't an overabundance of trash.

we get to the beach, and you can actually drive your vehicle, and park, on the sand. which means you have the water, and, no shit, and i'm not really exaggerating, another ten feet up, you have a "road" being used by rented horses, rented mopeds, rented four-wheel bicycles, and cars that are looking for parking spaces. a mere six feet or so from that is the actual "parking lot", dotted everywhere with vehicles. past this towards the grassy dunes is a fairly long stretch of sand, heavily interspersed with leftover fireworks from the fourth, and sundry other trash that has been left behind by the less-than-caring beach goers. at one point i was sitting in the sand, and looked over, and about three feet from me was a large pile of broken beer bottles that had sunken into the sand. chasing no. 1, to keep him out of the "road", i actually kicked a broken glass bottle bottom, and after that we were outta there.

the only fun we had was watching some dipshit get his car stuck in the softer sand because he drove too far up the beach, and then dug the tires free, only to get it stuck again a second later. he finally had someone with a jeep and a winch come and winch him out, but we enjoyed that little bit of life's rich pageant for awhile.

so i do not recommend ocean shores. hell, i would say if you want to go to the coast, drive the extra three hours to go to an oregon beach, as they seem to appreciate the fact that people just want to hang out unhindered and enjoy nature and the sand and the surf.

darth sardonic


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