Friday, May 12, 2006

dilithium crystals

both my kids are in preschool. no. 1 is the kind of kid that is everybody's buddy. all the kids in his class tell him bye when i come to pick him up. he will be well-liked and popular, and generates the kind of charisma that attracts people. hopefully, he will be like my high school pal terry, who had that, and chose to use it making the nerds, geeks, and the cast-offs feel welcome.

no. 2, well... there have been at least three seperate occasions where numerous of the young nenas in his class have asked me: "where no. 2?" no. 2 is going to be a ladies man. maybe it's the mohawk, i don't know. but he's three. can't wait till the girls get old enough to have an inkling of an idea about love, attraction, lust, whatever. buying shackles as we speak. disconnecting the phone. preparing a special room in the basement. anyways, hopefully he will learn how to treat a lady properly, and with respect, and not abuse his powers.

thought i had a bunch of other random stuff to toss down here. i had a buddy used to say, "you know what happened to thought? thought thought he crapped his pants and didn't." i used to say, "what the fuck is that sposed to mean?" and he would say, "exactly."


darth sardonic


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