Wednesday, June 14, 2006

pardon me

i seem to be surrounded by people who want instant gratification. no. 2 is crying cause i told him he had to wait to have a cookie. not that he couldn't, he just had to wait a few minutes till i finished what i was doing. all around me. they also seem to have a tendency to want to bail on things when the going gets rough.

song lyrics that are pinging through my head:

"pardon me while i burst into flame."--pardon me, incubus

"this song is a poem to myself, it helps me to live"--poem, taproot

"anger is a gift"--freedom, rage against the machine

"i guess it's ok i puked the day away"--buried myself alive, the used

"we are the lost and we are found, no one can stop us or slow us down"--the image of the invisible, thrice

"it's not the time. it's not the place. it's not anything in particular."--disengaged, low pop suicide

"i like having hurt. so send the pain below, where i need it"--send the pain below, chevelle

"so i'll drive so fucking far away that i never cross your mind"--hate me, blue october

"and she says, 'won't you ever shine?'"--velocity, leuko

"hard, the way the very stuff falls out. hard, the way it makes you doubt. this thing keeps up, he complains, full of bile. not even star-crossed, just unlucky."--cigarette machine, codiene

when the ex used to piss me off so bad (and she knew exactly how to push my buttons) that my choices were hit her and keep going till she stopped moving, or flee the scene, i would always go on the lam for a few hours. she'd invariably shout after me, "don't drive angry" i say, fuck that. nothing is better than driving angry. especially if your car smells like pizza and you have a 5-speed with a quick response. fucking gorgeousness and gorgeousity, o my brothers.

and i know, my droogies and only friends, that this is a complete and utter cheater post. i realize that i have let others do my talking for me today. but right now i feel like a burned field: raw, empty, scorched, scratchy, and hard. so i hope you will forgive me and be patient until i come back with my usual sarcastic sneer and lay into something for our amusement and entertainment.

darth sardonic


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