Saturday, November 18, 2006

a short one i guess...

just got over being sick. like hacking up junk, getting short of breath, bronchitis sick. it was fun.

i will have more of the quality of posts to which you, the nonexistant reader, has grown accustomed after a bit.

but here is a short one to tide you over in the meantime.

recently, i actually saw someone picking their nose in their car.

it's always a cliche, you know, looking over and seeing someone picking their nose. everyone jokes about it, but in my experience it didn't really happen that often.

i don't really have an issue with nose-picking in and of itself. sometimes it is possibly the only way to remove dry, caked up boogers from the confines of your nostril. i have, and will continue to do it on occasion. in the privacy of my own room or whatever, when no one is around.

and some of you may be saying "ew" or whatever your equivalent is, but hey, it's my fucking blog.

the truly disturbing things about seeing this particular person removing the offending blockage are: first, the driver of the car was completely corkscrewing the entrenched finger. next, the finger was easily buried to the first knuckle. also, the rest of the fingers on the picking hand were splayed as if the picker was waving while drilling the nosegoblin free. and finally, and easily the most disturbing thing about the whole situation, the driver of the vehicle was a woman! yes, my droogs and only friends, a woman. and a well-turned out, attractive woman with her hair carefully done, lovely makeup, and a beautiful french manicure. the kind of woman you would expect, should they ever find themselves with a stubborn chunk of dried mucus lodged within the confines of their proboscis, would excuse themselves to the powder room and clandestinely remove it with a handkerchief or a tissue.

but no, here was this gorgeous woman, who obviously is concerned about her appearance, virtually jackhammering free a booger from her nose while sitting at a light on a fairly well-traveled road chock fucking full of cars.

what is this world coming to?

stick around, i'll be back to a hundred percent soon.

darth sardonic


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