Saturday, October 07, 2006

if life hands you lemons...

hahahaha. i always loved this little adage: if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. i always felt it should read: if life hands you lemons, ask life for water and sugar. i have had fresh lemons in my hand, a squeezed lemon does not lemonade make, dippy bastards.

that is, however, neither here nor there.

thursday, i was accursedly sick. i believe that i have discussed within the confines of this domain the fact that since i have been a stay-home dad, i have been much more susceptible to the attack of evil viruses (shouldn't it be viri? anyways) that pass my way. i was throat afire, fever, screaming at every little thing the kids did sick.

friday, we were throwing a birthday party for one of the wife's friends. which meant i had to be better, and mostly i was.

but i decided fuck it, i was drinking anyhow, and would just feel like shit today.

well, the funny thing is, my beloved nonexistant readers, if feel great. feed a cold, starve a flu, and drown a sore throat in alcohol. how's that for a platitude?

darth sardonic


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