Saturday, October 14, 2006

the president never ceases to amaze

yeah, as predicted, he aint doin shit about north korea's "illegal" nuclear weapons tests (yeah, and an aside: so we're the only ones who get to do nuclear weapons testing? everybody else has to just hope we don't decide we're completely pissed off at them? i mean, why did we come up with nuclear weapons in the first place? to protect ourselves from everyone else. well, i guess it goes without saying that north korea is not popular among many of the "big players" in the world, who happen to have nukes, so shouldn't they be allowed to protect themselves? anyways...)

guess adding a third war (yes, we are still in afghanistan as well as iraq, and i know, i've got friends who are currently there. no, the news isn't covering it anymore, but we're still there.) to his daily planner seemed like a bad idea. or maybe it is a safer bet to attack countries that can't really attack us back on a grand scale. no, i am not forgetting that osama bin lauden attacked us on our own soil. no, he is not the grand poobah of afghanistan, and iraq had shite to do with the whole attack in the first place, so...

bring on cold war ii, i think i am ready to return to living in fear of the bomb.

darth sardonic


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