Friday, June 08, 2007

bout damn time

paris is on her way back to jail. occasionally, things happen as they should. now, could we send tom cruise, nicole richie, britney spears, k-fed, lindsay lohan, and the rest of the worthless pieces of slime to join her?

and a moment to bag on tom cruise and john travolta and their chosen religion: i'm pretty open to just about anything. but apparently this religion (scientology) is a bit wacky, as they apparently don't really allow their wives to leave the house or do much of anything, guys apparently know way more than women about post-partum depression, and how to combat it, don't really believe in autism, and think that kids with autism should just be handled with herbs, and not just all this, but will gladly tell you, whether you really want to know or not. and actually finding out something about their beliefs above and beyond what these two knuckleheads cram down everyone's throats on a regular basis seems virtually impossible. basic tenets of the religion are, to me at the very least, as vague as words written a thousand years ago in blood on papyrus.

and i might be just channeling tyler durden here for a sec, but something is seriously wrong with suri cruise. i mean look at her. she probably just needs some more ginger root in her diet, as well as some complex-b antitoxins. yeah, yeah, pretty sure that is all she needs.

that is all.

darth sardonic

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Blogger DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Darth, lololol, you are funny! Just read that Paris has been taken back (!) to jail screaming... what was she doing out in the first place? She only went in a few days ago! She should count herself lucky she enverr an over anyone while she was driving drunk and serve her sentance in her mini hotel (c'mon we all know it isnt going to be a shit pit) which will last less than a month anyway and then get back on with the rest of her life. As for your rant on certain alternate religions; I've never helped a female Scinetologist give birth however have heard some disturbing things about them too, like that they are not allowed to express any pain (I am sure this is just a rumour, it must be!), so I guess they must all have epidurals then... which come to think of it isnt uncommon in the States anyway!

10:16 PM  
Blogger Krissie said...

Actually, DJ K (if you don't mind, Darth), it's not a rumour. I had Tom Cruise as a topic of one paper (major mocking, might I say) and it's true, they are supposed to give birth in complete silence, and you can forget epidural cuz they're not big on medicines. AAAND he also claims that Scientology has cured his dyslexia!!!
But the idea of eating the placenta... Not scientology' fault - that's all him, I think.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Pixie said...

WHAT!!!! NO noise when your about to give birth. What a fucking stupid religion.

Obviously invented by some poor fraile man , not able to deal with women in all their glory.

No reflection on you Darth, I'm just astounded

And I'm with DJ you are very funny and enjoyable to read:)

7:54 AM  
Blogger lady macleod said...

Actually you get to rant on this one as far as I am concerned. A few years back I had cause to do research on this cult. I read much of the 'literature' written by Ron Hubbard. A direct quote from Hubbard who was a moderately successful science fiction writer, "If you really want to make money, start your own religion." There is a unit in the hierarchy of Scientology called the "Guardians Office" that is in every respect akin to the SS of Hiltler's time.

The dangerous thing about Hubbard's writings, which are prolific, are that he took bits of truth from philosophies and religions of the world and jigsawed them together. If you are a person without the education to recognize the writings for what they are, they ring true - because much of them are. The primary motivation of the cult is to make money, and they make lots of it.

Hubbard intentionally targeted celebrities to increase publicity and pull in wanna be's.

I think it is a very dangerous organization. They have ruined the lives of more than a few people who tried to expose them. Hubbard wrote an entire series of books about how to attack your "enemies".

for my bit, rant on!

11:28 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

it pleases me to no end to have a (non-existant) readership that is actually on the same page as me when it comes to stupid celebrities. i wrote a whole rant about tom cruise not actually being a celebrity anymore, except in that he does stupid shit in the public eye. some "friends'" comments were: "rant much?"

if scientology (which, i think we all agree, is a whack-job religion) wanted to become famous by specifically targeting celebs, it mighta done them well to pick some celebs who were not so clearly riding their own agrandized views of their importance down like a giant whirlpool. but hey, that's just me, what the fuck do i know?

ty one and all, and pixie, i will get you added to my list here in just a few.

7:19 PM  

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