Sunday, July 13, 2008


the post i originally wanted to post...

m came up for an extended 4th of july weekend, and on the fifth, we celebrated my bday (late--cause everyone was gone) and two other bdays on the cove, as well as a promotion party for my wife (she made her next rank, and will probably put it on in nov or thereabouts).

the night started off simple enough: more food than a small army of starving teenagers could eat in a month, beer and sundry drinks aplenty, an assortment of people from the cove, my wife's work, and a few hangers on, and warm but not too hot weather.

stir that a bit on simmer, and before you know it, you will have: a rowdy game of spades, a broken glass of gin n tonic, a semi-acoustic jam session (both the drummer and guitarist from my band were there), even though there are still no cymbals on my drumset, laughter, shouts, silliness.

i am eyeballing b's big blow-up water slide.

"that looks like it could be fun."

"it could be." b replies.

"yeah, well, it's all deflated."

"that can be fixed in no time."

"nah, i don't want you to blow it back up just so i can slide down it a few times."

"you really wanna go down it, doncha."

"yeah, actually, i really kinda do."

b is off to turn the blower back on. i am not far behind him, and as i near the kiddie pool, d pulls off his shirt and jumps in.

i jump in right behind him.

within 15 minutes there is not a dry body anywhere. all the men have their shirts off. the women are splashing in the pool or sliding at high drunken speed down the water slide. m removes her bra without setting down her corona, and, more importantly, without flashing any of the drunken half-naked men nearby. j dons her bra and then shifts his shorts down to expose his ass, and runs to dive onto the water slide from the front. i run around and around, up the slide, down so fast that i almost roll right out of the bottom every time, and back around again. small breaks to splash in the pool.

as the buzzes wear off some, and the realization of the chill caused by the night's cool air and the soaking wet bodies sets in, the party evaporates some. m and i need drunken soaking wet pics for posterity's sake, and i need to get to bed, as i still have to get up early and mow grass in a few hours.

darth sardonic

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Blogger zirelda said...

Now that's a damned good time.


6:55 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

it sure was z.

2:48 PM  

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