Tuesday, June 10, 2008

take that jack kerouac

i have loved the beatniks since i was about sixteen and first read howl. i guess one of the things that most attracted me to the beats was their numerous friends all over, and the fact that they would pick up, haul off, buy a broke-down car, and go visit these friends.

it amazes me how easy it is to make friends online. granted, i realize that these friends are a tad two-dimensional in many cases, but as i am discovering as i do my own little beatnik revelry across the country, a small handful of these friends are worth meeting in person, and an even smaller dash of these are worth keeping in contact with forever.

since m lives about an hour away, and is one of the more drama-free characters from sg chat, and has been interested in meeting up with yours truly and my wife since we moved here, and had planned a little get-together at universal studios, we got this rare chance of getting to know one another without the buffer of a computer screen.

last week i drove down to port saint lucie to pick her up (her car is irreparably kaput) for a weekend of hanging out and come-what-may.

and what a weekend we had.

in the car on the way back up we listened to music ranging from sir mixalot's "big butts" to the buggles "video killed the radio star." we forced poor m to hang out at a cove bbq/drinking fest that night for an hour or two before coming back inside and logging into sg chat with all three of us jockying for the tiny square of camspace.

drunken philosophy discussions on the back patio whilst looking at the stars and being amazed at just how much our own personal beliefs were alike. my wife coming down from bed in her pj's and sleep-squinty eyes to ask, "wha're guys doon?"

no. 1 must've discovered his first crush, as he spent the better part of the next morning sitting on m any time she was still. making videos of me destroying cool songs written by people who should've forbad me in their contracts to ever attempt to play their stuff.

the giddy dashing about and getting ready to go out thing that we always do with friends before heading out. "how does this look?" "girl, that is cuuuute!" "how's this?" "is that what you're wearing?" "i guess not."

out to the bars, the first one to play darts (m takes her darts very fucking seriously. i thought i was gonna get shanked), the second cause we hoped they would have good dancing music (they had good drinks instead), and the third for actual dancing, whilst laughing at a few of the crazy inebriated people on the floor (we nicknamed them "jazzercise", "pole dancer", and "micheal jackson") (and m, "hot tits" does not a "cougar" make!). closed the bar down, came home, sacked out, and up again at 5 am to mow the greens for a few hours.

after a long nap, we all load up for the drive to take m back to port saint lucie, leaving behind lots of funny memories, and promises for more ice cream, a strip club, and whatever else next time.

darth sardonic

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Blogger zirelda said...

How absolutely fun!


9:07 PM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

it sure was z

11:52 AM  
Blogger DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds like fun. You are brave, inviting someone into your home for a whole weekend!

12:24 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

it was completely worth it dj, and mostly i am turning out to be a good judge of character online, i mean, look at all my non-existant readers...lol

5:18 PM  

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