Saturday, January 09, 2010

With a face like this I won't break any hearts...

...and thinking like that I won't make any friends

lazy saturday around the sardonic household, and the wii rock band hobby kit we spent our christmas money on is beckoning to the kids like a balloon of china white to a junkie, but we are forcing them to wait a bit.

so they are watching "fairly odd parents" which is rivaled only by "spongebob squarepants" for sheer idiocy and the ability to cause my brain cells to begin committing suicide.

my kids find it hilarious; i always wonder how many and what kinds of illicit materials the creators have consumed to come up with the infantile tripe that then finds its way onto the screen and into the collective memories of my offspring. long and at great length have i raved against its stupidity, childishness, and distance from anything even remotely resembling a poor facsimile of what might be described as "real life." to no avail, of course. don't we know it, o beloved non-existent readers.

next to me, i hear my wife; my loving partner; my other, better half laugh. yes, laugh. at some juvenile ridiculousness being beamed by particles from satellites into our front room.

i put on the stern face, brows knitted together and tugged down to the bridge of my nose like a sweater with one pulled thread, and level at my wife what can only be described as a glower.

she transitions quickly from giggling cutie to the innocent face and says, "what?" with a who, me? look painted all over her face like a fresh coat of white to hide the blood spatter.

my frown deepens and i say, "we are sposed to be a team. a united front. joined in one purpose when it comes to raising the kids. and you are laughing at 'fairly odd parents'!!"

the innocent look changes not into the contrite look as i had hoped but instead back to the giggling cutie face, and she says, "but it is just so silly."

clearly, o beloved non-existents, o thou stalwart and true, my droogs and only friends, i am in way over my head.

darth sardonic

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