Friday, September 03, 2004


okay, today i feel a rant coming on, but let me get a few pleasantries out of the way.

first of all, i have noticed lately that i have slipped a little on some of my spelling, using homogenous spellings in the wrong place. now, it is not my style to allow these kinds of slips. it's not that i'm a perfectionist, it's just that when i write, i like to deliver a quality product. it also has nothing to do with other people's errors, that is to say, i don't care about your spelling and grammar, i'm just worried about mine. so i vow to bring you, the beloved nonexistant reader, a quality blog with no misspelled words from here on out.

now, yesterday's playgroup turned out to be a pleasant surprise. nos. 1 and 2 behaved incredibly well, actually, considering they were both tired and it was their nap time, they were absolute angels. there were only a couple other mothers there, and they engaged me in conversation, we discussed preferred learning videos, the difficulties of being stay-home parents, and dealing with developmental delays or what-have-you (and again, in a not-too-distant-future blog, i will explain what the hell i am talking about), and in general, i felt like i was not being shunned.

this morning, my wife (who got the day off from work, yay! i got to sleep in, yay!) showed me a website for downloading ringtones. now, i have never felt the need to pay for fancy rings. but she had looked up eighties music, and it had brought up, along with all the bubblegum bullshit that everyone associates with the eighties, some depeche mode, cure, and even joy division. now, when i saw that it was "love will tear us apart", i thought, "yeah, of course, the only joy division song that anybody knows", until i noticed "atmosphere" on the second page. i was like, "holy shit", but then when my wife played it, it sounded a little new age-y, so i again became disappointed. but hey, i can't have everything, now, can i?

now here comes my rant: dick cheney, the vice-presidential hopeful for the republicans, made his official acceptance of his candidacy at the convention recently. after he made it official, he spent the rest of his speech tearing apart john kerry. instead of saying, "these are the plans we have for making the usa a better place to live..." he spent his time telling me why i shouldn't vote for kerry. what does that say to me? he (and by association, his whole party) have no fucking clue what their plan is, they just want me to vote for them instead of kerry. well, that's not good enough. this is the same dumb prick who, from a secret hidden bunker in the side of a mountain somewhere, told me, the american dumbshit, to "go back to my life as if nothing had happened" after 9/11. maybe you should spend less time telling me why i shouldn't vote for kerry, and more time telling me why i should vote for you, 'cause i'm seeing very little to convince me. ole dick should just have another heart attack and rid this rock of his presence, and he can fuckin' take george w. "god-has-put-me-here-to-do-this-and-i'm-a-texan" bush and jon "our-god-is-bigger-than-their-god" ashcroft with him. fuckers.

now, of course, you would be expecting me to sing the glorious praises of kerry and his campaign, right? fuck that. the only thing kerry's got going for him is he hasn't already spent four years fucking up this country in which i live. so far, because he hasn't been president yet, he hasn't bold-faced lied to me. people like to focus on how rich he is and what could he possibly know about what it's like to be me. hey, you think w ever had it rough like me? that bastard owns a gazillion-acre ranch in texas, his dad owns a vacation home in kinnybunkport or whatever the fuck it is. everybody seems to forget that w comes from money.

who knows? what i do know is, they both suck. it's going to be a fun four years, regardless of how shit goes down. becoming canadian is an option.

furthermore, there has been a hostage situation in russia or someplace near there where chechen rebels have taken a school hostage. this has gone on for a few days. the only reason i know is it's on my computer each morning when i log in. i haven't heard shit about it on the tv news. all i hear is election tripe. i say we fire everybody involved with the news media, and hire people who will tell me what's really going on, for fuck's sake. i can sum up the election in one sentence: "w is a right-wing, 'christian' nincompoop with a god complex, cheney is a heart-attack waiting to happen, kerry is a rich, pussy-whipped veteran who hasn't already screwed me over yet, and edwards seems to be the only guy in this big, dumb anal fuckfest who i might actually like to see put in charge of my country." say that, and get on to the real news.

but, to quote my favorite ranter(who has become a right-wing sell-out, fucker), "that's just my opinion, i could be wrong."

thanks for you time,

darth sardonic


Blogger nicoshellee said...

oh god do not even get me started on the politics. ugh. i am totally against bush but not so gung ho on kerry either. sure kerry has got to be better than bush but how do we know that? i swore when i was growing up that i would never be one to be involved in politics cos i was so enslaved in it when i was a youngster. i mean we went to parties with geraldine ferraro as the guest, i was inline to be a page for a state senator when i was in high school, etc......oh and my mom ran for mayor in our tiny oregon coast town, etcccc.......i so detested politics. but i detest george w. bush (shrub) more.

as for grammatical and punctuation errors i know for a fact i do them more than any other person. i know for a fact i am a constant dolt for my problems with both of those. neither one of those stuck with me. spelling on the other hand is one i am a stickler with. well 99% of the time. so no bitching from me on grammer or the proper colon or semi colon. i don't even think i remember when to use them. or sue them as i had just previously typed.

ugh dick cheney. he's just a dick. leave it at that.

forgot something you said on another post. military housing was it? or next to a military base? huh? too lazy to go back and read it again. sorry. too much malibu.

anyone must go and get some rest for me and sharona's trip to goodwill's sale on monday.

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