Tuesday, April 12, 2005

when it rains, it pours...

okay, so last night i completely forgot about how jazzed i am for the "hitchikers guide" movie coming soon to a theater near you. (they don't say that anymore, do they?)

i heard an add on the radio the other day as i was manuevering the hairball of roads that is lakewood, and it started with "people of earth, your planet has been scheduled for demolition..." and i knew instantly that finally the long-awaited hitchiker's guide to the galaxy movie was coming.

i'm very excited about it, as you can imagine. or maybe you can't, who knows? more importantly, who the fuck cares? anyways, so i started reading the books again, which are simply genius. but as i read them, i can't help but think that alot of the sarcasm and wit may not translate well to the screen.

so now i am both excited, and a bit trepidatious. i mean, i hope the movie will be really good, and capture the irreverent wit that douglas adams filled the book with, but i am afraid that it will be a sorry and sad attempt, and that the whole point of the books will be completely lost in some insane special-effects cum computer-generated megablockbuster that will fall flat.

and my wife saw a preview for it on the tube, and said that none of the actors looked familiar. which is probably good, though i always kinda thought william h. macy would make a good (though americanized) arthur dent, and i always kinda pictured slartibartfast to look like the old guy from the oil tanker in waterworld. who knows, might be interesting to see who they get and how they do. i want the part of marvin the paranoid android. did you know that as a kid, my favorite disney character was eeyore? of course you don't, i've never put it in here. initially, my favorite star wars character was c3po for the same reason. maybe anthony daniels could be marvin, though he would have to lay it on even thicker than he did as c3po.

so, umm, i guess that's it. not really much of a pouring so much as a kind of dribble of the last few drops left in my cerebellum. not even enough to water a flower really. sorry.

and so i'll leave you,

darth sardonic


Blogger darth sardonic said...

and this one, about half of last night's post, took a couple of minutes of staring at the triangle with the exclamation point inside.

see what i mean?


11:54 AM  
Blogger Frisnina said...

If you're interested, several of the characters have blogs on xanga.



12:19 PM  

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