Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the point is that it's pointless, that's my point

i just finished watching cube, which was a really good movie. however, it was a little like se7en, in that while i really really enjoyed the movie, i will probably never watch it again because the ending was such a glaring example of the mindless evil within humanity.

which causes me to pause and take an honest look at myself. i joke all the time about making a movie where evil wins. because it reflects reality. but when i see a movie that is actually reflective of reality (house of sand and fog, se7en, cube), while i may thoroughly enjoy the movie, i always, without fail, get pissed at the ending.

i had a buddy who once told me i was "a bucket of contradictions". this is so. i am a cynical prick. but i am a romantic. i like to think of myself as a realist. but i have a huge chunk of idealist in me, with just a dash of your run-of-the-mill naivete. at the time that the label "bucket of contradictions" was applied to me, my buddy said, "you hate authority and being forced into a structured routine, and yet you belong to a large, conservative religion, and you're in the military."

so there you have it. the reason that my name would be darth sardonic and i can still write blogs like "epiphany" and "there is still hope".

but cube is good, as long as you don't care that the ending will piss you off.

darth sardonic


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