Sunday, March 13, 2005

more random stuff from the recesses of my mind

there is this commercial for verizon, or cingular, or who-the-fuck-knows, where this dad asks his teenage daughter if jenny is coming over and she makes the universal-phone gesture with her hand and pretends to have a conversation with jenny.

the point being: "i don't have a cell phone, what a loser i am."

but here's the thing, they are in the house when she pulls this stunt. i would say, "don't make me come over there and knock yer face off yer damn head. there's a fucking phone right there!!" and point to the land line.

it's a sad fucking world when it would be considered good marketing to present this girl as needing a cell phone to call her fucking friend jenny when there's probably a fucking phone two fucking feet away. soon, the ad agencies of madison ave will be convincing teenagers that their rooms need to be more like 1000-square-foot apartments, complete with fridge, dishwasher, and laundry facilities (not that they will actually do any laundry, they just want it to be equipped.)

then parents wonder why their teenagers never talk to them, and seem distant, and blah fucking blah. i'm scared for the day nos. 1 and 2 are teenagers. i sure hope i'm one to the task.

and thank god for my wife, who will get on the floor and wrestle around with the boys, and play with them and such (and at nine in the morning too, jesus christ on a unicycle!!), cause i have come to the conclusion that i am just not that guy. my wife is sweet, she tries to make excuses for me like i'm tired all the time, or i get touched out, but the simple fact is, i'm not much of a wrestle-around-on-the-floor guy. i publicly apologize to my kids for this, and believe me, i feel real bad. i touch my kids all the time, hugs, kisses, rubbing their head. i'm not afraid of physical contact, just never been much into physical play, i guess.

however, no. 1 has recently entered the action-figure phase, which is stunningly cool, cause i basically never left the action-figure phase. so yesterday, we were on the floor playing with some lame gi joe knockoffs and bombing each other and shooting each other.

at some point, no. 1 decided that it was just easier to put the weapons in his hands and make "pew pew" sounds, rather than actually using the figures.

men seem hard-wired to destroy each other, while women seem hard-wired to nurture and care for each other. and yet we try to pretend that it's not a matriarchal society. you know what, we're off killing each other and the women are taking care of our wounded selves and each other, let's see who's really running the show here. men are so fucking stupid some times.

anyways, just more random stuff rattling around in my head like peas in an empty oil tanker.

darth sardonic


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