Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i don't like dogs, but i like bettie page...

i like to think i am the king of nonsequitors. so here goes.

we are dog-sitting for our neighbors, who are on vacation. since i have talked about my neighbors in past blogs, (not sure which posts, too lazy to find 'em, if you care, do your own damn research!), i will clarify now. neighbor couple no. 1--j and n, three kids, girl, two boys. it's their dog we are currently watching. we've been friends with them the longest of our neighbors. next door neighbors couple no. 2--t and m, two kids, both girls. recently have made friends with her (he is gone to the gulf-ish area), he's the one who plays guitar and drums. across-the-way neighbor lady--crazy waving lady. not really crazy, i spose, just haven't figured her out yet. still no name, though today we had a semi-normal conversation. more on that in a sec. other atw couple neighbors, j and a, friends of t and m. haven't talked to them a ton, but they seem nice enough. he plays keyboards.

okay, switching from tangent train, back to the original train of thought: we are dog-sitting. my idea of dog sitting is to make sure food and water are full, and let dog out for occasional potty breaks. otherwise, leave dog alone in its own house. my wife's idea of dog-sitting is to bring the "lonely" dog over, let it play with our kids, run around our house, and be annoying in sundry other ways. and let me just say, for the record (and because later my wife will read this and i'd rather not sleep on the couch) that my wife is right. the dog is lonely, and is not eating well as a result, and really seems to enjoy hanging with us. dog is a small, tightly-wound dog, who can play catch for literally hours on end. my left arm is getting sore. i keep trying to lose the ball around a corner or some such thing, but the dog is smart, and always finds it. now, if i am cleaning, instead of having two toddlers, who i can occasionally distract, following me around, i've got two distractable toddlers, and an ocd-inflicted dog, who i try to ignore, but who then stands there, staring at me, occasionally looking at ball, and wagging its tail like i am its bestest friend in the whole wide world. no. 1 loves playing catch with it, but it seems to prefer me. gee, am i lucky or what?

on a completely and utterly unrelated subject, lately i have been wearing my bettie page shirts (i have three, one dragonfly bowling shirt, one dickies work shirt (double score, yay!), and one t-shirt) a bit, and i invariabley get lots of positive comments on them. so i thought i would check out ebay (which, i am completely convinced, will end up taking over the entire fucking world in a day or two) to see what other bettie page shirts i could find, and o holy shit, my droogs and only friends, it is a veritable smorgasbord of bettie page memorabilia. i am in heaven.

now, back to the unnamed atw neighbor, who i will henceforth refer to as the crazy waving lady. today, i'm smoking and waiting for the school bus. she drives up, we exchange our waves. she gets out of car and says her usual "hi", and i reply with a "heya", and then she says, "is your son in kindergarten?" we have made contact with the alien species, mr. spock. i reply, "no, he's in developmental preschool." she says, " i thought he looked a little young." then she proceeds to herd her two little girls out of the van, and unload groceries. now, i know that i should offer to help, and normally i would. but the jury is still out on this lady. and hey, i'm in a bit of a prickish mood today. so, i watch with a slightly amused look on my face, and then when my guilt at not offering to help has outweighed my desire to remain as aloof as possible, i ask her if she needs any help. of course, i am a day late and a buck short, as she has already unloaded everything, and i'm a little like the junk-mail lady in the tularosa post office. but at least i offered, my timing was just fucked.

anyways, i will continue to observe this rare species like the voyeur i am, and will continue to post tidbits here as details emerge.

not that you really care.

darth sardonic


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