Tuesday, August 09, 2005

no comprendo, understand?

just got back from delivering pizzas around the greater lakewood area, and have a funny to share tonight.

i had a particular run that i wasn't sure i had found correctly on the map, so i decided to call them and make sure. so i dialed the number (incorrectly, as it turns out), and waited for an answer.


"uh, yes, um. this is the driver from [insert name here of your fave pizza place, and we'll pretend that's the one i work for]"


"the driver from [world's greatest pizza place]"

"i'm sorry i don't understand english"

"okay, soy el manejo de [un gran lugar para comprar pizza]?"

"i don't understand english"

"usted ordio una pizza?"

"i don't understand english"

"y! por eso le hablo en espanol."

"bueno, sigue"

"usted ordio una pizza?"

"oh, no"

"bueno, gracias. disulpeme, por favor"

"esta bien"

now, granted, i don't speak the form of spanish most popularly used around this area (i still have strong castillian, porteno tendencies), but come on! it's not that bad!

also, this little piece would be cooler if i could add all the little goodies commonly found in spanish (i.e. "~" and upside-down question marks), if someone knows how to do that, i'd love to find out.

just thought i'd share.

darth sardonic


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