Monday, October 31, 2005

all hallow's eve

we alternate between the light and the dark.

in the house, well-lit womb of warmth, we dance about, pagan in rituals of costume-donning and picture-taking. my wife and i beam with skeletal smiles in our excitement, felt by proxy. nos. 1 and 2 will embark on their first trick-or-treating of their present existances, and they have been well-prepared with dora and peanuts halloween specials. the jazzy peanuts' theme seemingly played on a hollow piano, adding to the feel of the underlying macabre.

we burst forth into the night, whisper cold, and tinged in a vapor of rain. all around us, wraiths, mist-like ghosts in corporeal form, misrepresented by costumes of heroes of the child-world, and larger shadows wielding flashlights. my two children seem to glow, clad in a fireman's outfit and a cow, respectively. each space between doors a dark realm, populated by shape-shifting ghouls, each doorway bathed in light, where smiling faces wait to hand out sweets to our boys' "twick o' tweeeet".

the entire evening is bathed in a mixture of joy and pleasure and an almost-buried feeling of the sinister. it is halloween. the dead rise up. the ghosts wander, wailing. all this felt for myself, not yet shared with my small kids, who will forge their own inner ghosts and goblins to wander the world on all hallow's eve.


no. 1 just went poopy in the potty. i actually left off writing for a moment to go join the rest of the family in dancing around excited at the prospect of flushing fecal matter down the toilet. the boy's were wonderfully behaved tonight, and followed all our admonitions, told everyone "thank you" after receiving candy, trick-or-treated for about a half-hour, after which we all unanimously decided that we were done for the night. no tantrums, no fuss. then back here to get mildly sugar-high before setting the plastic pumpkin of candy up where we won't touch it till tomorrow.

darth sardonic


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