Saturday, October 15, 2005

new pals

just a quick one to illucidate the new additions:

anne is an old friend and fellow writer. i met her in tulsa, ok, of all places. we have maintained contact for well over ten years. she just recently started a blog about her sexcapades and life in general. done very literarily. however, not for the faint-of-heart, or prude.

lady sartre writes a blog i stumbled upon while seeing what other people liked the same bands, or books, or movies as me. she writes sporadically, but is very funny when she does. i got tired of typing out her address in the address bar everytime i wanted to check on her shit.

lola. oh, lola. same thing, found her while checking out other bloggers who had listed henry and june as one of their favorite movies. i have been reading her blog almost since day one. however, i never added it before because she frequently wrote about her sexploits, some of which are very kinky, and i thought some of her roleplaying ideas might be a little too much for some of my readers possibly. however, she is as stunningly clever and abstract writer most of the time, and seems to have moved out of the sex venue quite a bit, and moved on to other things, so here she is. be warned, she also writes frankly about sex, and if that offends you, then stear clear.

so there you have it, some new pals.

darth sardonic


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