Wednesday, September 14, 2005

in all fairness

i would recomend reading the comment from inquisitor on my impeachment post, and my replies, before continuing.

i did find this person's blog, after all, by typing the domain name in my address bar. now, here's the rub, we seem to be on the same side, though i use raw emotion to get my point across, and inquisitor seems to use lots of words, most of them large, and a seemingly superior intellect. could it be that the reason we have w for a second term is that the rest of us who feel that having bush as a president in the first place was a big detriment can't seem to get along? my blog was attacked as detracting from the people who really use their blogs as a soapbox. as far as i can tell, blogs are not the basis for any kind of change other than within the minds of the readers, though i would venture a guess that people who don't already agree with us aren't really reading our blogs, so it's more of a place where like-minded people can share their views.

we would share the same sentiments, but because i appear to be "less" educated or informed than, say, inquisitor, i'm taking away from the seriousness of these more intillectual types' blogs? a blog is simply an online diary that others can read. i didn't start mine as a political forum. i started it as a place to bitch about the things that bother me, and to celebrate the things that make me happy.

as a result, i occasionally blog about the government, or the president, and sundry others. i also occasionally blog about scratching my ass, masturbation, drinking too much coffee, and the crazy things that my children do. i mean, my domain name is darth sardonic, for fuck's sake! maybe all within the scope of this little bit of cyberspace might well be taken with a grain of salt.

and i seriously doubt that anyone has snatched up my impeachment post and used it as a basis for generating petitions to be signed, or begun to lobby at congress, or staged a "million-blogger march" or anything of that nature, so lets view my blog for what it is, simply: a spot where i rant and rave about the things that affect me, unread by billions, and making little or no effect on the state of things, except that i feel better having gotten it off my chest.

inquisitor makes many good points in its own blog, if you take the time to wade through the rhetoric. i would suggest checking it out. since i seem to be a threat to the sanctity of what is being said there, i probably won't add it to my "pals" links, you understand.

can't we all just get along?

darth sardonic


Blogger Justin said...

it seems like blogs are being used for many different things, from keeping up with old friends to soap boxes. I don't think there is a problem with any of it. I read a wide variety of them, from personal blogs to professional theological blogs. I use bloglines to moniter about 20.
To me it is a way to encourage the exchange of ideas, no matter the direction, be it in relation to friends, to rhetoric filled political types. Just a thought.

12:58 PM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

thank you justin, for reiterating my point.

darth sardonic

6:21 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

I appriciate your sarcasm :)

9:37 PM  

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