Sunday, October 30, 2005


the suicide girls were incredible.

me, q, and e all hopped in my car and toddled up to seattle fairly early in the evening, so as to get parked, eat, and be in the venue early enough to be near the stage. we found parking right across the street, and a mediterranean cafe a block away.

then we went in, had a drink, and stood. and stood. and stood some more. two hours of standing before the show. was it worth it? of course it fucking was, there was only one person between me and the stage. and unless this is your first time reading my blog, you know me well enough to know that i was enjoying that.

they started off with a band from japan, tsu shi ma mi rae. three petite asian ladies. apparently, tsu shi ma mi rae is japanese for "we are not only petite and cute, and fun to be around, with a good attitude, but we will blow your minds and your eardrums with our musical abilities." these chicas were not only fun, and funny, but they could play. i expected a shonen-knifesque barrage of japanese grrrl punk, and got that, but interespersed with bits of disco, fifties-style prom music, and soul. in the same song. the last song they played had a poppy verse, with a death-metal-to-ska chorus. yes, i shit you not. it was great.

then to the girls. oh man. dance pieces included parodies of napolean dynamite, fear and loathing in las vegas, and reservoir dogs, along with solo pieces that used classic burlesque ideas made modern in proper suicide girls fashion. all very tastefully done, with duct-tape pasties and boy shorts or hipsters. and all the girls were hot, but there was something in fanny's eye and smile that made her stand out for me. all very betty pageish. it was great.

we hung out for autographs and such, and after four hours on our feet, we were ready to head home.

but overall, an indredible night, one that i will not soon forget, and if the suicide girls burlesque show is coming to a town near you, go see it. you have to.

cause i said so. (i am a dad, after all)

darth sardonic


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