Thursday, October 27, 2005

some dumb stuff

apparently, according to the dicks at tobaccosmokesyou or whatever fucking thing they are calling it this week, kissing a smoker is the same as eating shit.

i'm guessing they have never kissed a smoker. i have. i have also been the smoker being kissed. i'm guessing that unless you smoke a pack every hour and brush your teeth once a year, it's probably not the same. not that i have ever eaten shit. but i do change an incredible amount of shitty diapers, and let me tell you, based on the smell, i'd rather kiss a smoker any day. i'd rather kiss a guy smoker who hadn't brushed his teeth since his last cigarette, than eat shit. fuck, i'd rather eat a pack of raw cigarettes than eat shit.

so, a bit of a stretch on their part, i'm guessing.

along those lines, i bought my first pack of smokes in about a month and a half. not that i was ever "quitting", cause i knew as soon as there was some occasion, i would buy a pack and smoke. tomorrow, me and some buds are going to seattle to see the suicide girls do a burlesque, and then do some club-hopping. and i knew i would want some smokes.

i should also say, so that my pals who are actually quitting, and fighting the good fight, and who might be thinking right now, "that motherfucker darth sardonic, he just goes a fucking month and a half like, hey! and then suddenly buys a pack of smokes!", that i smoke cloves, which are not addictive in the sense that tobacco is, so i'm more addicted to the action of it, the physicality. so if i want to stop, i don't buy a pack, and i can go for great lengths of time without one. but i never say i'm quitting, cause i know...

my wife makes these insanely-cool photoshows of the kids and emails them out to our friends, music and graphics and everything, and i usually see them when the friends reply, and i have to say, we have been blessed with some fucking cute kids. and i'm not doing the tooting horn thing, i'm just saying, i'm blown away by these kids i have been blessed with. i pray continually that i might remain one to the task of doing right by them. and i pray that they will be famous rock stars, or lawyers, or whatever, so they can support the lifestyle that i wish i had become accustomed to later when i'm older. heh heh.

the cat continues to plot on how she's going to take us out one by one. if she's not sleeping, she's on the prowl. sleeping/hunting, sleeping/hunting, it's all she does. and it's funny, cause she never uses her claws, but she bites like a motherfucker. i don't get it.

not really much to say today. i know, i know, all my anger and sarcasm has all come to naught lately, but hey, you can't be pissed all the time, can you? i mean, shit, i'm going to watch the suicide girls tomorrow, for fuck's sake!


darth sardonic


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