Monday, September 19, 2005

the 80's

well, kids, the 80's are coming back in a big way. as someone who survived my teen years in the 80's, let me offer some insight:

shit that was cool about the 80's:

robert smith, et al. vision streetwear. bladerunner. black turtlenecks (black everything, for that matter). bauhaus. crazy hair (a la the cure, or the exploited, take your pick). vans. alternative sexual lifestyles felt comfortable enough to finally be open and accepted (and the rest of us were finally able to let them be open and accepted). chuck taylors. joy division. t&c surf designs. industrial music. mad max, et al.

shit about the 80's we should never see again (though some of it already abounds):

those brightly-colored t-shirt dresses. reagonomics. cold war. what we used to call "bangs to heaven". mony, mony. legwarmers. valley girls. top gun. acid wash anything. fifty-million bracelets on each arm. dirty dancing. 3 layers of pastel polo shirts with the collar up. crimped hair. greed and wall street. shirts with the collar and sleeves ripped off. cramming as much shit into the back pocket of your levis as possible (i.e. comb, wallet, small book, etc.) stirrup pants.

i'm sure there's more, but i have to go meet no. 1's bus, and no. 2 is throwing a tantrum that i am sure is going to give him an aneurysm, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

talk at you again soon,

darth sardonic


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