Wednesday, January 25, 2006

cause ya gotta have the drums

so things are going pretty well with the band (bout time i posted something positive, yeah?), and my buddy p likes to come over and play on the drums, and i improv stuff on the bass. jazzy kinda stuff, or slap/pluck.

now, in the good ole days of playing by myself (that was by myself, not with myself, i still do that), my wife used to hate when i did slap/pluck (i can hear her now, "i didn't hate it, i just didn't really like it." yeah, she hated it.).

more recently, she says, "no, i kinda like it now, now it makes sense, it actually sounds like something. you've really improved." now, while i have improved, and will continue to improve, my slap and pluck has not changed whatsoever. because the other day when p was not over, i was doing slap/pluck, looked up, saw the wife with that look on her face, and said, "it's not really that i have improved, it's that ya gotta have the drums."

"yep" she says.

ever notice on the winnie the pooh stuff that it is just kanga and roo? now, tigger would, of course, be the first choice as roo's daddy, but since roo thinks of tigger as a brother, and kanga treats him like another son, i'm thinking no. but i did notice that roo resembles piglet just a little. now, who would've ever guessed that the shy little quiet one in the hundred acre wood would be the one to hook up with the only female in the area? must be bi, too, since i am more or less convinced that he and pooh are a couple. eeyore was always my personal favorite. i like to answer people's greetings with, "thanks for noticin' me." in my best blue depressed donkey impression.

how is it that 99.9% of the time i can walk around the house without any problem whatsoever, but that 0.1% of the time, i beat the holy hell out of some ultrasensitive part of my anatomy (head, elbow, toes)? how come i never bump my ass on some hard projecting piece of furniture? i think i could handle that.

it has occurred (sp on that one?) to me recently that i am oddly popular with the females at my work, especially the jailbait ones. er? i don't get this at all. i am the only guy there who is married, besides the general manager, there are others who are much better looking, and i'm old enough to at least biologically be some of the girls' father. maybe it is just the old high-school nerd me that doesn't get it, but i don't get it.

b? do you even read any of this? you said that if you saw the letter b, you would know it was you, but somehow i doubt you even come here. and eventually, i will need sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs back. thought i would just throw that in here just in case you do visit, now you're famous.

ok, enough for now i guess, and hopefully i will glean more from life as i pass through it sort of half-assed and mostly three sheets to the wind on sleep deprivation and caffiene.

darth sardonic

oh, and as an aside, we've changed our name from the dry hump all stars to anti-zen. has a little better ring to it. but dry hump all stars is fucking brilliant, someone should use that.


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