Thursday, January 05, 2006

thoughts for the new year

okay, i guess i am officially quitting smoking. everyone, and i mean everyfuckingbody around me is quitting, and i guess it's a sign from god, allah, mother earth, or whomever runs the show out there. so i smoked the last one of the pack i bought for new year's eve last night, and now it is official. so why the fuck did i want one so horribly bad earlier today? i can go literally months without one, but the instant i quit, i'm feenin hardcore.

i guess i picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. heh heh.

which makes me wonder why there are some things we never say we're quitting? you never hear, "i'm quitting driving. it's bad for the ozone, and i could die from it." how bout "i'm quitting breathing. all's i gotta do is make it through the first few minutes, and i'm outta the woods." nobody ever says, "i'm giving up talking. this is the last thing i am uttering." or "i'm done with computers. that's it, i'm so addicted to em, and i really just need to stop."

you never see any new year's resolutions like, "i am going to piss off absolutely everyone i talk to on an hourly basis." or "i'm not showering this entire year." i know from personal experience that after four days in the summer (longer i would guess, in the winter), even i am unable to withstand the funk that comes off of my body. my whiskers start to drive me nuts around that same time as well.

my resolutions, such as they are, are simple: i will start exercising on a daily basis as soon as no. 2 starts preschool (should be next week, yeah!!), and practicing the bass on a daily basis, and the drums as well. the guitar as well, but the main focus will be bass and drums.

am working on drawing, and saving money for, my next tat. artistic piece on the back. whee. gonna cost me a small fortune, but hey, it will be worth it.

also, i wonder why it is that when you're the happiest, things also get you down the most? someone wanna explain that one to me? been a fucking grumpy bastard most of the day. followed by bawling my eyes out to the terminal. yes, that's right. lots of sleep tonight hopefully. all the holiday late-nights and booze catching up with me, my droogs and only friends.

on that note, i will leave you. more news soon.

darth sardonic


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