Tuesday, November 22, 2005

you've got a great blog here...

fucking spammers. they are fucking everywhere.

"you've got a great blog here. i'm definitely going to bookmark you. meanwhile, you should check out my blog, where i sell 'arse-intruding dildoes, the latest in arse-tickling technology.'" or whatever fucking thing. get a fucking life! jesus. like anyone actually bothers to check out your dumb shit. (and a note here, the line about arse-intruding dils is not intended to be a slam to my gay friends, or anything of the sort, it's a line from lock, stock, and two smoking barrels, that i thought might be funny to include here. i might actually enjoy some sex-toy spam, as opposed to the nobody-gives-a-shit stuff that usually ends up on the web.)

then there's the fucking passel of stupid shite i receive in my email daily, nearly hourly. the subject lines are moronic and surreal, and it's not even necessary to open them to know they're spam. lines like "to encarcerate biproducts ice in drive" or some other nonsensical bit of fecal matter. at least the crap i used to get in hotmail had subject lines like, "i found your info on a singles website." that's fucking clever. i opened every single one of those to see if the girl was ho--oops, i mean, to see what the hell she was talking about, "singles website".

then there are the real people, who seem to have absolutely no life of their own, and must borrow others' to feel alive. for example, currently, on mother hoodlum's latest post, there is a comment from anonymous. what a hypocritical, two-faced, flip-flopper anonymous is, huh? s/he gives millions to worthy causes daily, then stops by a blog to chastise someone for their language. sod you, ya doss cunt! or maybe to lecture someone else (i'm not naming names) about the impeachment process, or how "americans" (which includes everyone from barrow, ak, to tierra del fuego, ar) are idiots who think that watching simpsons is the highlight of the day.

ok, i'm a crazy, voyeuristic bastard. i love people-watching. i mean, love. but i don't get caught up in those people's lives. once i leave the fair, or the airport, or the tree outside their bedroom window (heh heh, just fucking with ya there!), they're forgotten. i certainly wouldn't drop by their website to insinuate that i know more, or have a better lifestyle, than them.

that's why i have this place, i can do it here! just kidding. but i mean, c'mon, get a fucking life!!

the word you're searching for is, anywaaaays.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

haha, yeah, I just tore another new asshole into that one. I love my anonymous posts, they never cease to amaze me.
Sorry to hear about your wife's surgery, hope she is feeling better amidst her ice cream glee (I've never had a tonsilectomy, I just heard a rumour you get to eat a lot of ice cream, which is awesome).
Give your ridiculously cute chill'un a hug for me, and the wife one, too. And hey, stop by my shack stop time. I will SOOOOOO hook you up on batteries.

1:01 AM  

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